Time & Attendance for Payroll, Billing or Productivity

Power-up Jibble to suit your organisation needs

Jibble In, Jibble Out

The magic starts when your team start jibbling

Jibble In
Checking into work, or into an activity at work, is easy with your phone, tablet (kiosk) or through the web app
Jibble Out
Work stops when you jibble out
Selfie time!
Switch on selfies when using the mobile apps for verification
Jibble on iPhone and iPad

Timesheet Views & Powerful Reporting

The web app offers your team administrators plenty of features. View personal or team daily, weekly or monthly timesheets. Get custom reports. View staff statistics. Setup alerts. Make manual time entries for your staff. View biometric data (selfies). 

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Personal Timesheet Screenshot

Improve Your Productivity

Direct access to employee statistics for performance reviews and productivity enhancement. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly alerts will help you stay up to date on what's happening.

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Screenshot of individual statistics

Setup an iPad Kiosk For Your Employees

Your team can jibble in or out with the iPad Kiosk. All they have to do is be there.

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Select a user on an iPad

Power-up Jibble!

Extend the functionality of Jibble with power-ups to meet your business needs. 


Jibble In/ and Out, check times and receive reminders with the Jibble Bot in Slack.
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Activity Tracking

Clock time against specific projects or activities.

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Client Billing

Track your team's time spent between your clients. Great for invoicing.
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Export weekly and monthly timesheets to an excel file for payroll or billing.
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Set permissions and roles for your team members. 

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Get more out of your Attendance Kiosk with Passcodes & Offline Mode
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Define how users can Jibble in/out and decide who sees what data.
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Track your staff's location when they clock in/out with their phone.
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Facial Recognition

Verify your employees' attendance by with Facial Recognition. 

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"I like the intuitive and clean nature of the interface. It is very easy to use and is pretty much idiot-proof. It has saved so much time recording in/outs, and the algorithm to compute the weeks/months is solid. I can't thank Jibble enough for the program." 

Heidi Sobol - Royal Ontario Museum.

"Free version has so many options - it really lets you have a feel for the software while still being free 
- Although some folks don't like taking selfies all the time, it's quite fun! And we've had some fun games with our selfies: who can take the funniest etc."

Prarthana Dickson - Metro Delhi International School

"Excellent value - simple and easy to implement. Slack integration is key for our company, and allows for remote workers and field maintenance team members to track time from anywhere. Not having to hit the break room to look at their time card is the best." 

Jeremiah Nash, Mountain View Mortuary and Cemetery

"We finally found an affordable Toggl alternative for our team! We wanted a time tracking tool with a Chrome extension, so that's a big part of what made us choose Jibble." 

Kari Ahlschwede - YNAB (You Need A Budget)