100% FREE Offline Time Tracking Software

With Jibble, you can track time without an internet connection. Free for unlimited users.

Offline employee gps tracking/no connection location tracking
  • Jibble on multiple platforms

    Jibble in without the internet

    Jibble works offline

    Jibble can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile, from any location, with or without the internet, allowing you to continue tracking time when the connection drops.

    Offline time tracking
  • Facial Recognition

    Face recognition still works

    No more buddy punching!

    Eliminate buddy punching and time thefts, with or without internet access, using Jibble’s face recognition system.

    Face recognition system
  • GPS alert on mobile

    ...and so does GPS tracking

    Accurately track employee location, minute by minute

    Some businesses require you to work across many locations, but how do you keep track of where your employees are, especially when there’s no internet? Jibble automatically tracks your employees’ GPS location, whether there’s an internet connection or not.

    GPS time tracker
  • Mobile new location for timesheets

    Geofence where work happens

    ...whether the area has internet or not

    Assign team members to specific locations and prevent them from clocking in when they are out of range.

    Geofence attendance
  • Attendance kiosk

    Set up a kiosk

    ...at work sites without connection

    Jibble’s kiosk allows your staff to clock in and out with a shared kiosk, usually a tablet but it can also be a regular phone.

    Online kiosk
  • Monthly timesheet overview

    Time data goes straight into timesheets

    ...when the internet is back on

    Jibble’s cutting-edge technology automatically syncs data when the connection is restored.

    Timesheet software
  • Device restriction settings for time tracking

    Don't want employees jibbling in without the internet?

    No problem

    Jibble’s advanced settings let you decide on whether employees can jibble in without the internet. You can also choose which devices they can jibble in from, how many minutes late or early they can be, besides much more…