100% FREE Employee Overtime Tracker

Jibble's employee overtime tracker captures real-time data for accurate overtime calculations. Free forever for unlimited users.

Setting up different overtime rules and rates
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  • Tracking time on any device

    Track overtime for both desk and field employees

    Keep track of time in the office or on the go

    Clock in and out using your personal mobile device, desktop, online kiosk or install Jibble’s browser extension to start tracking time wherever you are.

    Time clock app
  • Automated timesheets on web with real-time updates

    Time data feeds straight into timesheets

    Manual entries are a thing of the past

    Tracked hours feed directly into timesheets which are broken down into regular and overtime hours. Jibble automatically does all the calculations for you, saving you both time and money.

    Timesheet software
  • Tracking time with activity and project

    Calculate hours by activity, project or client

    Know exactly what your employees are working on

    Jibble’s overtime tracker allows you to track hours by activity, project or client, ideal for billing and to help you understand where those hours are going.

    Time billing software
  • Jibble’s dashboard displaying tracked hours, upcoming holidays and team activity

    View charts of overtime hours in real-time

    With Jibble’s dashboard

    View total worked and overtime hours by organization, group, schedule or location, and know who’s in or out in real-time. Jibble’s dashboard puts you in control.

  • Setting up work schedules

    Set up a work schedule

    With fixed or flexible time arrangements

    Set your work schedules with custom break types so that they’re as fixed or flexible as you need them to be. Then, assign locations and/or members to your schedules. 

  • Setting up different overtime rules and rates

    Customizable overtime settings

    Set different rates for different overtimes

    Whether it’s daily overtime, daily double overtime, rest day overtime, weekly overtime or public holiday overtime, Jibble gives you the flexibility to set when those overtimes start and their rates.

    How does overtime work?
  • Multiple groups on web

    Need different overtime rules for different teams?

    We’ve got you covered

    With Jibble’s flexible grouping, you can create multiple groups and assign specific groups to different work schedules, each having different overtime rules. Jibble takes the hassle out of overtime tracking.

    Create and manage groups
  • Clocking in restrictions on time tracking software from strict, to moderate, flexible and custom

    Run time tracking your way

    With custom time tracking policies

    Make clocking in and out as flexible or strict as you need. And if the default restrictions aren’t enough, Jibble allows you to customize as you need. Jibble lets you run your business your way.

    Customizing time tracking policies
  • Tracked hours graph, detailed timesheet and hours on activities tracked

    Generate powerful reports

    So you can make better decisions

    Drill down into visual charts and detailed reports to analyze staff productivity and time behaviour. Easily identify overtime trends and view which employees are working excessive hours, so you can keep overtime under control. 

  • Approvals in time management software

    Review and approve timesheets for payroll

    Ensure accurate overtime hours

    Set up a pay period and have managers approve timesheets before they are ready for payroll. Rest easy knowing past work logs are locked and secure from unwanted edits – including overtime hours. 

    Pay periods and approvals
  • Exporting timesheet data to XLS, CSV or payroll platform

    Export timesheets in a few clicks

    Excel, CSV or to your payroll software

    Easily export Jibble’s payroll-ready timesheets to perform additional calculations for payroll or analysis. Then, upload timesheet data onto your payroll software in a flash.

    Payroll hours tracker
  • Jibble time tracking integrations with other software

    …or use our payroll integrations

    For seamless payroll processing

    Connect Jibble with QuickBooks Online, Deel or Xero to have time data automatically sent to your payroll software with minimum effort.

  • Jibble weekly team report (time tracked) sent via email

    Schedule to receive time reports

    Daily or weekly via email

    Select which day (or everyday) and what time your team activity and attendance reports should be sent to you via email. Automatically receive reports periodically and let Jibble handle your time for you.

    What are the different e-mails & alerts I can receive?
  • Reminders and notifications to track time

    Jibble remembers when your staff forgets

    Never miss another entry

    Receive time-based or location-based reminders and set automatic clock outs for your whole organization or by groups. Jibble ensures you never miss a work log ever again.

    Setting reminders & automatic clock out
  • Approving or rejecting leave

    Manage leave and get the PTO insights you need

    All in one platform

    Create custom paid or unpaid leave policies, request for leave and have managers approve or reject leave requests. Then, easily view daily presence and absences at work so you can organize your team well ahead of time.

    Employee absence tracker
  • Time tracking software with face recognition for mobile

    More than an overtime tracker app

    Look no further

    Jibble also functions as a powerful time and attendance software with face recognition and GPS tracking. Whether you’re looking for startup time tracking, lawyer time tracking, freelancer time tracking or developer time tracking, Jibble is a complete time tracking solution for all businesses.

    Time and attendance software
  • Get onboarded quickly

    Easy onboarding

    Onboard your staff and get set up in minutes

    Jibble’s easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to use. Simply invite your team via email, SMS or send them a link and get started today! If you’re ever stuck, our friendly customer support team will be right with you to help.

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!