Jibble is free forever for unlimited users. Upgrade for additional features.

  • Free

    Essential time tracking for small teams with verification and realtime alerts for managers.

    $0 forever
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    • GPS time tracking from mobile or shared kiosk
    • Biometric verification with facial recognition and PIN
    • Location restrictions with 2 geofences
    • Automated timesheets and reports for payroll
    • Preset time tracking policies
  • Premium

    Most popular paid plan. Advanced time tracking with GPS, overtime calculations and multiple work groups

    $1.99 /month $1.99 per user
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    Everything in Free, plus

    • Unlimited work groups with custom restrictions
    • 2 admins, 5 managers
    • Payroll timesheets with breaks and overtime calculations
    • Advanced time tracking policies and device restrictions
    • Unlimited work schedules
    • 3 kiosk instances
    • Location restrictions with 8 geofences
  • Ultimate

    Limitless time tracking. Includes tracking for projects and clients.

    $3.99 /month $3.99 per user
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    Everything in Premium, plus

    • Unlimited locations & geofence restrictions
    • Project-based time tracking
    • Unlimited kiosk instances (no restrictions)
    • Unlimited admins & managers
    • Unlimited groups
    • Client-based time tracking
  • Enterprise

    Usually for companies with 500+ staff.

    Let’s talk about the possibilities and create a custom plan just for you.

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    Everything in Ultimate, plus

    • Enterprise Account Manager
    • Onboarding and Rollout Manager
    • API Support Manager
    • Priority Customer Support
    • Require SSO
    • Require 2FA
    • Local Data Residency
    • Self-hosting
Free Premium Ultimate
Time Tracking
Clock In/Out
Offline mode
Smart reminders
Notifications & alerts
Auto clock out
Custom break types
Identity Verification
Selfie capturing
Face recognition
Face Spoofing Prevention
PIN verification
Custom verification rules
Location Tracking
Adding locations
Max 2 locations Max 8 locations Unlimited
Record clock in/out locations
Onsite kiosks
1 kiosk only 3 kiosk instances Unlimited kiosk instances
Authorised geofences
Live location tracking
Activities & Project tracking
Activity tracking
Max 5 activities Unlimited Unlimited
Group activity assignments
Project and client tracking
Automated timesheets
Adjustable payroll hours
Automated deductions
Custom pay periods soon
Timesheet approval workflow
Export xls, csv files
Work schedules
1 Unlimited Unlimited
Holiday calendar
Overtime rules and calculations
Leave Management (PTO)
Leave administration
Leave approval workflow soon
Custom leave policies
Tracked hours report
Attendance report soon
Export xls, csv files
Microsoft Teams
1 admin 2 admins, 5 managers Unlimited
Custom individual permissions
Organization-wide permissions
Group management
Advanced group time tracking policies
Help centre
Product support
Basic email support Prioritised 24/7 chat support Prioritised 24/7 chat support

We’ll set you up for success

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Jibble really free?
    YES! The free plan is and always will be 100% free. For the majority of our users, the free plan is more than enough, but if it's not, we have upgrades.
  • Do you have any enterprise plans?
    YES! Our time tracking software is built for teams of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us if you have a team larger than 500 and we'll set you up with a plan that works best for you.
  • How are users counted?
    For Annual plans, you purchase "seats" for one year up front. These seats can be replaced with other users. If you decide on a monthly plan, you only pay for the users that are in your team during a month.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel or downgrade your subscription at any time.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major creditcards and paypal. We don’t collect credit card details but use the trusted 3rd party Stripe as a credit card gateway. Your credit card details will be held by them in their secure digital vault.
  • My staff number varies significantly. Do you have a plan where you only charge for users that used Jibble?
    We offer an Active User Plan where we only charge for users who have clocked in or out during the subscription month. Reach out to our Customer Support team to find out more.

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