FREE Teacher and Student Attendance

Attendance tracking for schools and universities. FREE forever for unlimited users.

  • Enterprise staff

    Schools and universities need attendance

    For teachers and/or students tracking.

    An attendance tracker needs to be easy to use and accurate, and easily accessible. The sooner lack of attendance is known, the quicker it can be dealt with.

  • Timesheet software on web and mobile

    Introducing Jibble's time tracking for teachers and students

    Automated time tracking for mobile and tablet

    Jibble’s attendance software works with its employee time clock app on mobile and tablet. And attendance is available to view on any device.

  • Time clock app showing face recognitionTime clock app showing face recognition

    Face recognition

    Advanced AI technology

    With Jibble, teachers and students just need to show their face to their mobile or shared kiosk and they’ve clocked in. Secure, fast and easy. The way attendance tracking should be.

    Face recognition biometric attendance system
  • Attendance kiosk

    Online Kiosk

    Allows students or teachers to clock in from a shared tablet

    Jibble’s kiosk allows your staff to clock in and out with a shared kiosk, usually a tablet but it can also be a regular phone. With Jibble, you can also create multiple kiosks for different classrooms.

    Online kiosk
  • Location based reminders on mobile

    Location and time based reminders

    Never forget to jibble in

    Remind your teachers or students to clock in when they arrive at the school or university, out when they leave the school or university, when their work starts and ends, or clock them out automatically after a certain time.

    Geofence employee tracking
  • Reports for payroll

    Detailed analytics & feedback

    Powerful analytics

    Daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets. Use our multiple filters to identify patterns, analyze time spent on projects, and improve time utilization.

  • Get onboarded quickly

    Get your teachers and students onboarded fast

    Invites via SMS, email or send them a link

    Jibble is not only dead easy to use it’s also super fast to get your teachers and students onboarded and jibbling in and out. Invite your team via SMS, email or send them a link and they’ll be on board in no time. And if you’re ever stuck, our customer support team is there to help you.

    Jibble is FREE so start onboarding right now!
  • Timecard calculator with analytics

    More than attendance software

    Jibble is a complete time tracking solution

    From attendance to lateness analytics, Jibble is not only the only time and attendance software you’ll ever need, it’s also a comprehensive time tracking solution powering your entire school or university.