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Time clock kiosk on speed mode using face recognition
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  • The Jibble Attendance tracker kiosk which can be used on a mobile or tablet

    Online kiosk

    Allows staff to clock in from a shared tablet

    Jibble’s kiosk allows your staff to clock in and out with a shared kiosk, usually a tablet but it can also be a regular phone.

    Jibble’s kiosk feature is ideal when Jibble is used as a construction timesheet app, attendance app for manufacturing, for hospital attendance, retail attendance tracking, F&B attendance app, or an attendance app in any other industry.

  • Automatically send data from kiosk to your timesheets to be exported

    Kiosk linked to your timesheet app

    To easily track and calculate work hours including overtime

    As your staff tracks and submits their hours, the system operates seamlessly in the background, generating payroll-ready timesheets with pinpoint accuracy.

    Jibble’s timesheet app allows you to easily calculate payroll hours. Plus timesheets are downloadable to Excel or CSV which you can export directly to your payroll software.

    Employee timesheet app
  • Face recognition examples

    Instant face recognition and Speed Mode

    Tap, snap, and you're jibbled in

    Online kiosks are equipped with a lighting-fast face recognition biometric attendance system. Combine that with Speed Mode, you have one heck of a seamless clocking and out experience.

    How to use speed mode?
  • Ability to add pin-codes if facial recognition fails

    Face spoofing prevention

    Maximum accuracy and security

    Ensure validation of the right person at all times with advanced depth estimation technology designed to protect against spoofing by static or dynamic 2D images and videos.

  • Possibility to use Jibble while offline

    No internet connection?

    No problem

    Jibble’s kiosk works even without an internet connection. When the kiosk is back online it automatically syncs up the data with the cloud ensuring not a single time entry is lost.

    Offline Time Tracker
  • Ensure accurate location with geofence

    GPS location tracking

    ...to make sure that kiosk is where it's supposed to be

    Make sure employees are at the right place with GPS. Set up geofences to prevent them from clocking in outside their worksite. Jibble is the only software you’ll ever need for employee time tracking.

    Geofence attendance
  • Restrictions related to early clock-ins and late clock outs

    Time tracking restrictions

    ...to suit your payroll policies

    Set your staff schedules and then set time restrictions on how early or late staff can clock in and out. These settings can be customized by group or location.

    Track payroll hours
  • Push and email notifications to the mobile device

    Location based reminders on personal phones

    ...or time based ones

    Set up reminders so that when staff arrive at their work location they get reminders on their personal mobile phones to Jibble in or out on the kiosk.

    Enable push notifications
  • Settings available to configure kiosk devices

    Detailed kiosk settings

    ...customizable for each kiosk

    The kiosk setting is only accessible by managers, admins, and owners using their own PIN to unlock kiosk settings. Members do not have access to it.

  • A pie chart and selection for file exports

    Powerful filters

    ...so you can get the information you need

    Jibble’s filters allow you to filter reports by Location, Member, Schedule, Client, Project, and grouping and then sub-grouping this information, providing actionable insights into your payroll and workforce.

  • Overtime customization settings on hourly or accelerated basis

    Customizable overtime rates

    ...and settings.

    Set overtime rates for various types of overtime, be it daily, weekly, or even holiday overtime. Jibble also lets you set weekly overtime limits so you can keep those extra work hours in check.

  • Pay period settings

    Jibble works around your payroll cycle

    ...with approval workflow

    Pay periods are closely linked to approvals. Require each timesheet for the respective pay period to be approved by managers through Jibble’s approvals workflow before it’s ready for payroll.

  • Choose the settings between flexible, moderate, strict or custom

    Restrict clock ins

    ...or make them flexible

    Jibble’s online kiosk is part of a complete a complete time and attendance solution that allows you to customize the level of ‘trust’ when it comes to clocking in. Allow your staff to clock outside geofences, but only with face-recognition, and let them edit their time entries. Jibble lets you run your business your way.

  • Separate team members into different groups

    Kiosk settings with Groups

    Assign permissions

    Jibble’s grouping feature allows larger organizations to assign employees to different groups, select managers for those groups and assign various permissions, meaning that Jibble’s online kiosk can grow with you.

  • A pie chart displaying time spent on activities, projects and clients

    Kiosk entries with activities, projects, and clients

    ...and much more

    Split time tracked by activities, projects, or clients to understand what the team is working on and to know where costs are going.

    Set up activities
  • Send invitation to members by email, SMS or via links

    Dead easy onboarding

    You can start inviting your team in minutes

    Onboarding your staff for Jibble’s online kiosk and getting set up is quick and easy. Invite your team via email, SMS, or onboard them on the kiosk itself. Step-by-step, you’ll be guided through the process and if you’re ever stuck give our friendly customer support team a shout.

    Get started now - it's FREE!
  • Jibble is available on the web and on mobile apps

    A complete attendance system

    ...for SMEs to Enterprises

    From time and activity tracking to attendance to lateness analytics, Jibble is the attendance software that can streamline your business, whether you have 2 staff or 200,000.

    Enterprise time and attendance