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Time and Attendance App
  • Data syncing on the Jibble time and attendance tracking system. Track time on mobile, desktop or tablet.

    Hybrid attendance made easy

    Cross-platform tracking

    Jibble empowers your team to thrive in a hybrid work environment. Easily track employee attendance, no matter where they are – in the office or remotely.

  • Face recognition via mobile or kiosk

    Accurate and secure attendance

    With advanced face recognition technology

    Safeguard attendance records with face recognition, providing an additional protective layer to deter unauthorized access and ensure the utmost integrity of your attendance data.

    Biometric attendance
  • Get recognised instantly on a kiosk for faster clock ins

    Centralized check-ins

    For days in the office

    Set up an attendance kiosk for days when employees are physically present. Use Speed Mode or NFC Mode to eliminate queues and buddy punching while ensuring accurate attendance records without any hassle.

    NFC attendance
  • Log attendance entries with a location

    Automatic location-based tracking

    No more manual adjustments

    With advanced geolocation technology, Jibble effortlessly tracks your team members’ locations, seamlessly categorizing office hours and remote work for precise attendance tracking.

    Employee GPS tracker
  • Members can only clock in at designated locations

    Geofence where work happens

    For on-site employees

    Set up geofence zones by defining virtual boundaries around offices or work locations. Then, assign team members to specific locations and prevent them from clocking in when they are out of range, perfect for your in-office or on-site teams.

    Restricting locations with geofences
  • Jibble dashboard showcasing time tracked in graphs and piecharts

    Your entire team, at a glance

    With Jibble’s dashboard

    Get an overview of your entire team on one unified dashboard. Stay in full control of your hybrid team and access real-time data of where your staff are, who’s currently working, to their clocked time and activities.

  • Jibble automated timesheet feature

    From attendance to timesheets

    Automatic timesheet generation

    Seamlessly convert attendance data into accurate timesheets. Say goodbye to manual calculations and errors and leave it to Jibble to manage your processes and save you invaluable time.

    Timesheet app
  • Four types of settings

    Run your team how you need to

    Custom attendance policies

    Whether your team members are working in the office or remotely, you can specify the types of devices they can use and determine whether geofencing is required. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and customize Jibble to suit your team’s unique needs.

    Configure custom policies
  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Customizable schedule arrangements

    For punctual attendance

    Set personalized work schedule arrangements by defining working hours, allocated break times and rest days so you can ensure that your team clocks in at the right time, no matter where they work. 

    Manage work schedules
  • Push and email notifications as reminders

    Smart reminders and alerts

    Stay informed and connected

    With reminders and alerts, you’ll never miss a beat. Jibble keeps both you and your team updated on clock-ins, clock-outs and leave requests, even when you’re on the move.

  • Approve or reject timesheets

    Streamlined timesheet approvals

    Review and approve in minutes

    With Jibble, supervisors or managers can easily review and approve attendance records for both remote and office workers in minutes, saving you valuable time so you can focus on what matters most. 

  • Pie charts & bar charts to show tracked data

    Powerful insights and analytics

    Optimize your hybrid workforce like never before

    Filter reports by location, date range, project, activity and client to help you gain deeper insights into attendance patterns, employee productivity, time allocation and project progress.

  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    Seamless leave management

    On any device

    With just a few clicks, employees can submit leave requests, view approved leaves and their available balances. Jibble automatically calculates and maintains leave records while notifying managers for quick approvals or declines.

    PTO tracking software
  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Integrate with your current tools

    For seamless collaboration

    Easily integrate Jibble with your preferred payroll system, project management tools or communication tools such as Slack and MS Teams. Sync time entries and task assignments across platforms to centralize data and optimize workflows.

  • Send invitation to members by email, SMS or via links

    Getting started is quick and easy

    Onboard team members hassle-free

    All you need to do is create a free account, invite your team via email, SMS, or by sharing a link and it’s ready, get set, go! Say goodbye to lengthy setups and have your team tracking time in minutes.

    Start onboarding today!