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Efficiently track and manage leave requests, accruals, and balances for streamlined and accurate time-off tracking. Free forever for unlimited users.

Time off statuses
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  • The overview tells you who applied for leave and when

    Managing leave is a breeze

    Simple and accurate PTO tracker

    Simplify your leave management with Jibble. Effortlessly create custom leave policies, assign policies to members and monitor your team’s time off, ensuring a smooth and organized process for your entire team.

    Managing leave in Jibble
  • Make necessary adjustments to PTO balances

    Get the PTO insights you need

    Understand your team's time off dynamics

    Easily understand accrued, utilized, and remaining leave. Then, adjust leave policies by adding or deducting entitled amounts to suit changing company needs or evolving employee requirements.

    Time off entitlements and balances
  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    Track time off from any device

    Anytime, anywhere

    Access Jibble’s time off tracker from any device – be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Stay connected and in control of your team’s leave, no matter where you are.

    Time clock app
  • Choose a daily or hourly time off

    Flexible leave policies

    Configure policies for days or hours

    Set up both paid and unpaid leave policies, allowing your team to request time off for full days or specific hours, allowing for granular and flexible leave requests.

    Creating time off policies
  • Managers can approve or reject time off on the web

    Seamless time off approvals

    Efficiently manage leave requests within your team

    Managers can seamlessly approve, modify, or decline leave requests in a few simple clicks. Then, access logs of who requested leave and when it was approved for comprehensive record-keeping and transparency.

  • Get push or email notifications

    Instant notifications

    Stay updated with automated leave alerts

    Stay informed with automated time off notifications for pending leave requests, approvals, or rejections, ensuring transparent and timely communication within your team.

  • Jibble can be used on the web app, kiosk or mobile app

    Jibble does far more

    ...than just PTO

    Are you looking for more than leave management? Jibble offers a comprehensive suite of features beyond PTO, including time tracking, attendance, seamless integrations, reporting & analytics and more.

    Time tracking system
  • Different types of work schedule setup

    Staff-friendly attendance tracker

    Improve productivity with transparency

    Set up your company holiday calendar and work schedule to accurately monitor worked hours whether on work days or rest days, and use it with our easy-to-use attendance tracker.

    Online attendance tracker
  • Ensure accurate location with geofence

    GPS location tracking

    ...for free

    Make sure employees are at the right place with advanced GPS technology. Set up geofences around work sites to prevent them from clocking in out of range.

    Geofence employee tracking
  • A quick process of facial recognition

    Rapid face recognition

    Tap, snap, and you're clocked in

    Jibble’s FREE lightning-fast facial recognition, makes clocking in and out seamless and secure. Forget about buddy punching and time theft once and for all.

    Face recognition attendance
  • Export data into XLS or CSV

    From attendance to timesheets

    Integrate leave with precise timesheet records

    Seamlessly integrate attendance and leave data into timesheets for accurate and comprehensive records. Then, download timesheets as XLS or CSV files, ready to be uploaded to your payroll software.

    Timesheet system
  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Jibble integrates with your favorite software

    ...and our list is growing

    Jibble integrates with many of the world’s leading software products and every month we’re adding more products we integrate with, from project management software and messaging apps to payroll and accounting platforms.

    Timesheet integrations
  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Easy onboarding

    Start inviting your team in minutes

    Get your team tracking leave in minutes with a hassle-free onboarding process. Invite them effortlessly via email, SMS, or send them a link. If you ever need assistance, our round-the-clock, friendly support team is here to guide you at every step!

    Get started now - it's FREE!
  • Separate team members into different groups

    Jibble for enterprise

    For SMEs to Enterprises

    The highest-rated time time tracking software in the world. SSO, 2 Factor Authorization, local data residency, self-hosting, approvals, grouping, advanced reporting, and more, we understand your enterprise needs.

    Enterprise time tracking