100% FREE Biometric Attendance System

Biometric-based attendance system using advanced technology. Free forever for unlimited users.

Selection of biometric time and attendance systems
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  • Selection of biometric time and attendance systems

    Advanced biometric solutions

    Track time your way

    From facial recognition systems, to NFC, RFID and barcode readers, discover a selection of biometric time clocks for more efficient and accurate attendance tracking. 

  • Manage biometric devices via a built-in web application

    Manage devices wherever you are

    In the office or on the go

    Access and manage your biometric devices via built-in web applications on your mobile, desktop or tablet. We give you greater control into your management processes in any location.

  • Face recognition via mobile or kiosk

    Accurate facial biometrics

    With liveness detection

    Ensure the right employee is physically present with cutting-edge facial recognition biometrics. Equipped with liveness detection algorithms, spoofing attempts are eliminated once and for all. 

    Face recognition attendance system
  • Fingerprint scanning capabilities for biometric attendance system

    Fingerprint scanning technology

    Dual biometric capabilities

    Upgrade your attendance processes with a biometric solution that incorporates both facial recognition and fingerprint scanning in one. Effortlessly identify and verify employees are who they claim to be, every time. Coming soon!

  • Time tracking with advanced RFID and NFC technology

    Contactless NFC & RFID readers

    Perfect for high-traffic workplaces

    With advanced technology, you can track employees’ time and attendance with the tap of a card. Simply assign NFC or RFID cards to employees for effortless punching – perfect for a touchless world.

    NFC attendance system
  • Barcode scanning for automated attendance tracking

    Barcode scanners

    Flexible and multifunctional solutions

    Designed to eliminate costly errors associated with manual processes, the barcode solution automates time and attendance tracking with a swipe of your employees’ barcode card, PIN entry, or both. Coming soon!

  • Optional built-in modules for biometric devices

    Additional built-in options

    Endless possibilities at your fingertips

    All-in-one solutions with optional modules such as QR code, PIN, NFC, RFID, WiFi, POE and LTE/4G/5G help ensure smooth operations even in the most remote locations. Coming soon!

  • Biometric device easy to setup and integrate

    Hassle-free setup

    Installation is a breeze

    Easily install devices to have them running for years without any maintenance. Devices are also safeguarded by encryption and periodic upgrades to protect your network from vulnerabilities.

  • Automated timesheets on web with real-time updates

    Cloud-based systems

    Accurate timesheet calculations

    Attendance data is stored in the cloud and feeds directly into timesheets so you can get detailed calculations of worked hours, break hours and overtime hours. Then, generate payroll-ready timesheets to get payroll done in minutes.

    Timesheet app
  • A timesheet with detailed hourly, daily and weekly reporting. Activity/ group time spent illustration and clock in/out time graph.

    Combine powerful reporting with a powerful device

    Seamless integration

    Use the biometric devices with our time and attendance software to produce accurate reports in real-time. Drill down into insightful reports to keep tabs on employee productivity, identify attendance patterns, and improve time utilization. Coming soon!

    Time tracker with reporting and analytics
  • Different industries use Jibble

    All-industry suited

    From construction to education

    Whether you’re using Jibble as a construction time tracking systemretail attendance systemhealthcare attendance appattendance app in manufacturingschool attendance appor any other industry, Jibble is an all-industry-suited time and attendance software that leaves no room for unpleasant surprises.

  • Jibble's Time tracking features for SMEs and enterprises including payroll, hosting, data residency and security.

    For SMEs to Enterprises

    Robust and scalable

    Supporting up to 250,000 users with a maximum of 10 million event logs, biometric devices are built for enterprise-wide deployment. From a range of devices to choose from, you’ll find a biometric system to suit all your business needs.

    Time tracking for enterprises
  • User-friendly Jibble interface

    Intelligent time and attendance tracking

    Much more than attendance

    Our comprehensive solutions offer much more than tracking attendance. Jibble is equipped with the ability to create custom work schedules, set different overtime rules, track time spent across activities or projects, view employee attendance and much more. We have everything you need to efficiently manage your workforce.

    Time and attendance software