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Every month, thousands sign up to Jibble to track employee time

Jibble's time tracking software works seamlessly on any device

  • Mobile time tracking

    • Turn any device into a time clock
      Give your team the option to track time on site, remotely, or while they’re on the move. One click, and you’re in!
    • GPS time tracking
      Use precise geolocation technology to ensure your team is in the right place at the right time.
    • Facial recognition attendance
      Eliminate buddy punching and time thefts with live face recognition. Attendance made easy (and fun!) with a selfie.
    • Offline time tracking software
      No internet? Not an issue. Track time even when the connection drops.
  • Viewing timesheets on the web app

    Web time tracking

    • Track time in any browser
      Jibble in and out with one click of a button. Switch activities, projects or clients without having to clock out.
    • Edit timesheets
      Manage time entries and hours, or restrict timesheet editing. Precise timesheets to avoid payroll fines.
    • Advanced reports
      Gain insights for costing and productivity.
  • Tracking time directly on desktop

    Desktop time tracking

    • Seamless desktop tracking
      Track time with our Windows time tracker or Mac time tracker, all within your familiar desktop environment.
    • The flexibility you need
      Capture hours as they happen in real-time or add manual entries for work that happens off-screen.
    • Real-time synchronization
      Log hours on your desktop, then seamlessly switch to your mobile. Our real-time data synchronization keeps everything in harmony.
  • Time clock kiosk with face recognition

    Shared kiosk tablet

    • Set up a work tablet or phone as an online kiosk
      Ridiculously easy time tracking. Make clocking in and out a habit for your entire team.
    • Kiosk Speed Mode
      Team members are clocked in automatically when they stand in front of a kiosk thanks to Jibble’s powerful facial recognition capabilities.
    • Offline employee time tracking
      Track time even with a weak connection. Data will be synced to the server once you’re back online.
    • Extra security
      Use face recognition or customized pin numbers (or both!) to ensure secure clock-ins.
  • Display of Jibble's integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack

    Microsoft Teams or Slack

    • Track time from Slack or Microsoft Teams
      Making it that much easier for your team to Jibble in and out.
    • Stay on top of the action
      See who’s Jibbled in and out, view timesheets, get alerts, and so much more, all from within Microsoft Teams and Slack.
    • Super easy to set up
      Get your team Jibbling with our Microsoft Teams time tracker or Slack time tracker within minutes.
  • Tracking time on chrome extension

    Chrome Extension

    • Track time from anywhere your work takes you
      Tracking time without desperately hunting through your open tabs.
    • Save time, increase efficiency
      Your timer is just a click or keyboard shortcut away – it doesn’t get any easier than this.
    • Real-time syncing across all platforms
      Start the timer via the time tracking extension for Chrome and stop it from any other device.
  • Time off tracking and approval for leave

    Manage time off like a pro

    Easy leave management

    Jibble’s PTO tracker means leave is linked to work schedules. Managers approve leave via the web browser or while they’re on the move.

    PTO tracking
  • Jibble weekly timesheet showing time tracked in a week

    Accurate data with real-time updates

    Never miss a thing

    Accurate monitoring requires accurate time tracking. With Jibble, timesheets are updated as soon as team members submit an entry, so you spend less time managing and more time producing results.

  • Detailed-reporting-and-analytics

    Detailed reporting and analytics

    Powerful insights at your fingertips

    Detailed reporting and analytics to help you manage payroll, employee productivity, and budget costs. See breakdowns by activity, project, or client, and breakdowns of overtime calculations.