Remote Employee Time Tracking

Track employee time wherever they are with Jibble's Remote Employee Time Tracking Software. FREE forever for unlimited users.

Team members tracking time across activities and projects
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  • A woman holding a white cup of coffee while working on her laptop.

    Remote teams need time tracking

    ...but in ways that build trust rather than destroy it

    With Jibble, time tracking is focused on two elements. First, to gauge where time is going, by staff stating their activity, project or client. This not only makes the team accountable, but it also lets staff know where their hours are going. Second, the team knows who’s currently working and who’s not. With a remote team, it’s hard to know who’s around and who isn’t.

  • Slack time tracking notifications

    Track time in MS Teams or Slack

    Time tracking software for remote staff has never been so easy to use

    Remote staff can track time in Microsoft Teams or track time in Slack. Further, managers can see timesheets within MS Teams or Slack and can see who’s working on what. Take time tracking for remote staff to a whole new level.

  • Chrome extension timesheet viewing

    Or from anywhere your work takes you

    with Jibble's Chrome Time Tracking Extension

    Track time directly from the tab you’re working on without a hassle. With Jibble’s Chrome Extension, your timer is just a click or keyboard shortcut away – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

    Chrome time tracking extension
  • Timesheets for Payroll

    Your staff worked hours go directly into your timesheets

    Simpler timesheet calculations for everyone

    Staff can review their hours anytime. Jibble’s timesheets are auto-calculated, saving them time so they can bill hours a lot more accurately.

    Timesheet app
  • Screenshot capture on Mac desktops and laptops with Jibble's desktop time tracker

    Time tracking with screenshots

    Level up remote time tracking

    Jibble’s time tracking with screenshots feature takes random snapshots every 10 minutes, even offline. Admins can enable this feature for the entire organization or specific groups, with privacy options like blurring to protect sensitive data. Captured screenshots can be accessed in real-time via the web and mobile app.

  • Attendance analytics

    Detailed analytics

    Powerful insights

    Calculate staff work hours with our daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets. Use our multiple filters to identify patterns to make actionable improvements.

    Jibble’s advanced reports allow you to drill down to the information you need. Group by date, member, activity, project or client and then sub-group, with graphical reports or exports giving you insights you’ll wonder how you managed without.

  • Activities and Projects

    Work hours calculated by activity

    ...project or client

    Jibble allows you to view billed hours by activity, project or client, to help you understand where those hours are going.

    Payroll tracker
  • Timesheets being exported

    Export worked hours

    To XLS, CSV or your payroll software

    With a few clicks, export worked hours to XLS or CSV files or directly to your favorite software (favorite after Jibble of course!). And Jibble’s API gives you almost infinite integration possibilities.

  • Several notifications and reminders

    Jibble is packed with reminder features

    Because if your staff can't remember, time tracking doesn't work!

    Jibble is time tracking software designed to seamlessly work with remote teams. Whether it’s time-based reminders via MS Teams, Slack, e-mail or mobile alerts, or auto-clock outs, Jibble ensures your product team is Jibbling in and out right on time.

  • Approvals in time management software

    Hours approved by managers

    ...via easy to set up workflows

    Remote staff submit their timesheets for managers to approve or reject, it’s all handled by Jibble. Jibble is also ideal as a freelancer time tracking software.

    Pay periods and approvals
  • Get onboarded quickly

    Super fast onboarding

    With great customer support when you need it

    Invite your team via email, by sending them a link, or even SMS. You can have your team Jibbling in and out within minutes and if you get stuck just reach out to us via chat and our customer support team will be there to help.

    I want to start onboarding my team now!