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Attendance system using advanced NFC technology. Free forever for unlimited users.

Tapping NFC or RFID cards onto kiosk to verify attendance
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  • Using rfid and nfc technology to track attendance

    Advanced NFC technology

    The future is here

    NFC is a technology that enables devices to exchange data with a single touch. NFC uses readers, which include NFC-enabled devices, to read and process information transmitted by NFC tags or cards.

  • Time tracking with advanced RFID and NFC technology

    What is NFC attendance tracking?

    Attendance tracking as never before

    NFC cards are used to store and encrypt information, such as an employee’s ID number. When a card linked to an employee is tapped on an NFC reader, data is transmitted between the card and the reader to perform a programmed function, i.e., verifying employees for attendance.

    How can NFC be used in time and attendance tracking?
  • Tapping NFC or RFID cards onto kiosk to verify attendance

    Save time and ditch the queues

    Next-level attendance

    One tap of an NFC card to Jibble’s NFC Attendance Tracker and within a second, the employee is clocked in. All you need is an NFC-enabled device (nearly all smartphones already are!), some NFC cards, and it’s ready, set, go. 

  • Using an NFC or RFID external reader to read cards for attendance

    Don’t have an NFC-enabled device?

    No problem!

    Jibble’s NFC attendance feature works with external readers. Easily connect an external reader to your mobile or tablet to read corresponding cards — all tried and tested by our team, so everyone can track attendance at lightning speed!

  • Offline mode

    Track attendance even when offline

    All you need in one platform

    Employees can clock in and out and managers can track attendance records, all while offline. Jibble ensures that all logs are stored and automatically synchronized as soon as the connection is restored.

    Offline time and attendance software
  • Log attendance entries with a location

    Accurately track location with NFC cards

    Accurate and contactless

    Jibble’s NFC attendance app is equipped with geolocation technology to ensure your team is at the right job site at the right time. Easily log each time entry with a location so you can track employees seamlessly.

    GPS attendance
  • Automated timesheets on web with real-time updates

    Review timesheets in real-time

    Cloud based NFC system

    The moment an employee clocks in, their attendance data is instantly available on timesheets. Managers can then easily review timesheets, ready for payroll to take the next step.

    Timesheet software
  • Timesheets being exported

    Export attendance data in seconds

    View worked hours and overtime at the press of a button

    Download payroll-ready timesheet reports in Excel or CSV files, which integrate seamlessly with the payroll software of your choice.


  • Powerful charts and report analytics

    Gather powerful insights

    With detailed attendance analytics

    Drill down into your team’s expected working days or hours, absent days, overtime hours, late ins, and early outs. Jibble helps you identify attendance patterns, monitor employee productivity, and budget costs.


    Exporting attendance reports
  • Push and email notifications to the mobile device

    Employees forgetting to clock in?

    Jibble is here to help

    Employee accounts can be connected to their personal mobiles, where they can receive automated reminders. From time-based and location-based notifications to auto-clock outs, Jibble makes sure your employees are where you need them when you need them.

    Setting up reminders
  • Jibble's Time tracking features for SMEs and enterprises including payroll, hosting, data residency and security.

    For SMEs to Enterprises

    All in one time and attendance

    Jibble is built for scale to meet all your sophisticated needs. From SSO, local data residency, self-hosting, approvals, grouping, advanced reporting, and more, we help ensure intelligent and data-driven business management.

    Enterprise time and attendance
  • Showing one of the top attendance tracker's dashboard

    NFC attendance tracking for any industry

    Look no further

    Whether you’re using Jibble as a construction attendance system, attendance app for restaurantsattendance app for retailhospital attendance app, factory attendance system, school attendance app, or any other industry, Jibble’s NFC Attendance Tracker can be used in the most demanding of environments—from construction sites to remote work areas.

    Time and attendance clocks