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Managing attendance using Jibble.
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  • An employee clocking in their attendance using the Jibble kiosk

    No fuss clock ins

    Clock in with a tap and head straight to work

    No more hassle or stress trying to track your time. With Jibble, all you need is a simple tap and you’re automatically clocked in. We’ve prioritized making the process easy and efficient, so you can focus on what really matters – getting your work done.

  • Setting schedules for automatically clocking out employees.

    Schedule automatic clock outs

    So members don’t accidentally leave their shift running indefinitely

    Forgetting to clock out is an all too common occurrence in the office, leading to serious timesheet errors. Jibble’s automatic clock out feature solves this problem by letting you clock out team members after a pre-set number of hours or a fixed time during the day.

    Auto clock outs can be triggered for time entries made via the web app, mobile app, and messaging apps like Slack or MS Teams.

  • Attendance data synced directly to timesheets.

    Automated timesheets

    Have time and attendance data synced straight to timesheets

    As your team clocks in and out, their time and attendance data is seamlessly synced straight to their timesheets. No more manual entry, no more guesswork – just accurate and up-to-date timesheets ready for payroll.

  • Clocking in on mobile with a quick selfie.

    Amp up attendance security

    Stay confident that the right people are showing up to work

    Have employees clock in and out with a facial scan. It’s not only quick and easy, but it also ensures the right people are on the job.

    To ensure maximum security, Jibble’s facial recognition feature includes face spoofing prevention. It checks both static and dynamic 2D images for identity verification, preventing impersonation attempts. No more buddy punching, only accurate attendance records you can count on.

    Face recognition attendance system
  • Track and manage hotel staff attendance on any device.

    Clock in from any device

    Be it your phone, laptop, or desktop

    Whether you’re on the go with your phone or at your desk with your laptop or desktop, you can easily clock in and out with Jibble. Simply access the Jibble app on your iPhone or Android device, or use the web app or Google Chrome extension on your computer. 

    If you don’t want employees to clock in/out on mobile, simply enable Device Lock to impose necessary device restrictions.

  • Setting up geofences around hotels and hospitality businesses for secure clock ins.

    Set up geofences around work sites

    Curb forgetfulness by automating clock in/out based on geofences

    With geofencing, you can set up virtual boundaries around your work sites, ensuring that team members can only clock in or out from authorized locations. If a team member tries to clock in or out from a location outside of the authorized range, they’ll be blocked until they’re within the designated area.

    *Coming Soon: Automate clocking in and out based on geofencing. Employees will be automatically logged in when they arrive at work and logged out when they leave the work location.

    Time tracking with geofencing
  • Tracking attendance even without the internet.

    Keep tracking clock in and clock out data

    Even when you’re offline

    Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, Jibble works seamlessly offline, ensuring that your time entries are securely stored until you’re back online. Say goodbye to interruptions or missing data – Jibble has got you covered.

    Offline attendance app
  • Setting fixed and flexible schedules on the Jibble attendance management system.

    Prevent team members from clocking in or out too early

    By setting custom work schedules

    Make sure your team members clock in and out at the right times by customizing their work schedules. For instance, you can set a rule to allow clocking in up to 15 minutes before the official start time. So, if someone’s shift starts at 9:00 am, they can’t clock in before 8:45 am.

    Manage work schedules
  • Location and time based attendance reminders.

    Enable smart clock reminders

    So employees never miss a beat

    With Jibble’s automatic reminders, your team will get gentle nudges to clock in and out on time, based on their schedules, or whenever they enter and leave a work location. They can even set up their own reminders for added flexibility.

    Enable push notifications
  • Clock in/out directly from Slack or MS Teams.

    Slack and MS Teams integrations

    Track time and more right from your team’s favorite communication software

    No more switching across multiple tabs. Take advantage of easy command shortcuts to clock in and out directly through Slack and MS Teams. Keep tabs on who’s in or out, and access simplified timesheet data right from your Slack or Teams channel.

  • Visual charts and attendance data.

    Turn clock in/out data into powerful insights

    Generate time and attendance reports with a few clicks

    Drill down to the information you need by grouping data by date, member, activity, project, or client. Gain valuable insights into your team’s performance and optimize your operations for increased productivity.

    Time and attendance data can be exported in seconds or scheduled to be automatically sent to your inbox.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Onboarding only takes minutes with Jibble.

    Quick and easy onboarding

    As it should be

    Have your team automatically jibbling in and out in seconds. You can invite team members with a simple link via email or SMS. Follow our step-by-step guidance for a smooth setup process. And if you ever need assistance, our friendly customer support team is at your aid 24/7.

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!