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Connect Jibble with Airtable now for seamless time tracking.

Tracking time on chrome extension
  • Airtable time tracking integration

    About Airtable

    Create and share relational databases

    Airtable works like a spreadsheet that’s easy-to-use but gives you the power to act as a database that businesses can use for customer-relationship management (CRM), task management, project planning, and tracking inventory.

  • Time and attendance software integrations

    Airtable + Jibble integration

    How it works

    Use Jibble to track time spent on records or tasks in Airtable, so you can finally say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and hello to automated time data.

  • Team members tracking time across activities and projects

    Tracking hours

    Sync records for accurate time data

    Sync records in Airtable with activities in Jibble with a simple click.  Easily monitor time spent on records in Airtable with our employee time tracker for accurate reporting.

  • Chrome extension timesheet viewing

    Smarter tracking for your needs

    With the push of a button

    Track hours directly in Airtable without a hassle. With Jibble’s Chrome Extension, there’s no more switching between apps for work tracking! 

    Chrome time tracking extension
  • Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts

    Multiple clocking options

    For ultimate convenience

    Streamline your time tracking process through right-clicks or keyboard shortcuts. A simple highlight of important text triggers Jibble to automatically transform your highlights into important notes.

    How to track time in Airtable
  • Tracked hours graph, detailed timesheet and hours on activities tracked

    Reports and analytics all in one place

    Powerful insights at your fingertips

    Obtain detailed reports and visual charts of tracked time to help you manage productivity or budget costs. Use our multiple filters to identify patterns, analyze time spent on projects, and improve time utilization.

    Types of reports that can be exported in Jibble
  • Timesheets for Payroll, add time entry button and approved payroll

    Get payroll-ready faster

    With payroll-ready timesheets

    Jibble’s payroll-ready timesheets instantly transforms worked hours into timesheet reports, categorized into regular hours and overtime hours. Ensure accurate salaries and easily get all the data you need.

    Payroll hours tracker
  • Get onboarded quickly

    Getting started is easy

    Integrate Jibble with Airtable in minutes

    1. Create an account with Jibble. It’s free forever for unlimited users.
    2. Go to Integrations in Jibble, and click on Airtable.
    3. Connect your Jibble account to your Airtable account via Zapier to power your integration.
    4. Choose and sort triggers and actions between Jibble and Airtable.
    5. Alternatively, install Jibble’s Chrome Timer Extension to track time directly in Airtable via an embedded timer.
    6. That’s it!