100% FREE Automated Location-Based Attendance

Ensure attendance and location accuracy with Jibble’s automated location-based attendance app. Free for unlimited users.

Managing attendance using Jibble.
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  • A map showing employee GPS locations

    Attendance and location accuracy

    With every clock in

    Using advanced GPS tracking technology, Jibble captures attendance and location data whenever members clock in or out so you can ensure everybody is where they need to be at all times. This information will then be automatically saved to their timesheets for easy access.

    GPS Tracking
  • A map of employee locations shown on the Jibble mobile app.

    Live location tracking

    Track more than just clock in/out location

    Whether your team is out meeting clients, working remotely, or simply navigating between job sites, Jibble ensures that you’re always in the loop. With same-second updates, you can gain immediate insights into their locations right on a user-friendly map interface.

  • Setting up geofences around construction sites.

    Set up geofences wherever you need them

    Allow attendance only within authorized sites

    Create geofences around key locations like your office, client sites, or project areas. With these virtual perimeters in place, you can ensure that your staff only clock in and out when they’re within the authorized zones. And if someone tries to punch in from outside the designated area, they’ll be blocked until they’re back where they should be.

    Attendance with geofencing
  • Location and time based reminders to tracking attendance.

    Auto clock-ins based on location*

    Never forget to clock in/out when you enter/leave work

    No more worrying about missed punches or inaccurate time tracking. Once enabled, Jibble takes care of the clocking in and out for you.

    When you arrive at your workplace, you’re automatically jibbled in. And as soon as you leave the work location, the app jibbles you out. It’s that simple!

    *Feature Coming Soon

  • Centralized gym attendance from a shared attendance kiosk.

    Centralized attendance kiosks

    Set one up for each worksite

    Our online kiosk feature allows your staff to clock in and out using a shared tablet or even a regular phone. Set up kiosks for each work site or easily transfer kiosks when you need to. For added security, enable Speed Mode so your team can log their attendance with a quick face scan with the help of facial recognition attendance.

    Online Kiosk
  • Tracking attendance even without the internet.

    No internet? No problem

    Uninterrupted attendance tracking even offline

    No more interruptions or worries about missing data. Your attendance entries are securely stored and automatically synced once you’re back online, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

    Even GPS tracking remains accurate, allowing you to monitor employee locations minute by minute. So no matter where your team is working, rest assured that Jibble has your back, even when the internet doesn’t.

    Offline attendance app
  • An overview of the Jibble dashboard, with visual charts and real-time attendance data.

    Dashboard insights

    All the attendance and location data you need in one place

    Know who’s in and who’s out in real-time. Our dashboard provides instant insights into your team’s attendance status alongside tracked hours, project progress, team locations, and so on.

    Group data by organization, group, schedule, or location, to find the info you need quickly and easily.

    Manage your team on the dashboard
  • Track and manage hotel staff attendance on any device.

    Jibble works on any device

    Whether on mobile, laptop, or desktop

    Whether your team is always on the go or stationed at their desks, Jibble has you covered. Access the Jibble app on your iPhone or Android device for seamless time tracking on the move. And when you’re working from your laptop or desktop, simply login to the web app or use the Google Chrome extension.

    Want to implement device restrictions? Easily do so by enabling device lock. This feature helps restrict the devices from which team members can clock in and out from.

  • Setting fixed and flexible schedules on the Jibble attendance management system.

    Create custom work schedules

    Prevent team members from clocking in or out too early

    Easily tailor schedules for individual members or groups, accommodating teams spread across different locations. Set rules to prevent early clock-ins or late clock-outs. For example, if the shift starts at 9:00 am, you can limit clock-ins to no earlier than 8:45 am, keeping things on track.

    Manage work schedules
  • Visual charts and attendance data.

    Generate detailed attendance reports

    Export them as CSV or XLS files

    Transform attendance data into actionable reports with customized filters and visual charts. Easily export reports as CSV or XLS files, or integrate directly with your payroll software. 

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Location and time based attendance reminders.

    Smart attendance reminders

    No more forgetting to clock in/out

    Our automatic reminders help your team develop a habit of timely clock-ins and clock-outs, based on their schedules. Plus, you even have the option to automatically clock out team members at specific times or after a set number of hours.

    Enable push notifications
  • Onboarding only takes minutes with Jibble.

    It’s time to start jibbling

    Easy onboarding, with live customer support whenever you need it

    Get everyone set up and ready to go in minutes. Invite your team via email, SMS, or a simple link. Our step-by-step guidance ensures a smooth setup process, so you can start tracking time without any hassle.

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!