What are the different e-mails & alerts I can receive?

Stay on top of your tracked time with e-mail reports, alerts and reminders in your inbox.

We’ve put together a list of e-mail reports, reminders and alerts that you can receive via Jibble’s time clock software. These notifications can be configured for the organization under Time Tracking Settings or personally under Account Settings.

This article covers:

Team Reports for Managers

As an admin or manager, you can go to Your account settings and choose to receive email reports about your team’s attendance or activity.

Daily Team Report

Get an overview of your team in the moment with:

  • Summary of day’s attendance

  • Top activities clocked yesterday

  • Who’s clocked in/out now

Weekly Team Report

See insights of your team’s week with:

  • Summary of time tracked

  • Members with most & least tracked time

  • Top projects & activities

Team Alerts for Managers

Know what’s happening with your team with Unusual time clock behaviour alerts. You may select your preferred channel to receive alerts, whether it’s via email or push notifications. Read more about enabling push notifications.

These are the types of alerts you may receive relating to unusual time clock behaviour:

Attendance & punctuality

Be notified when your team is running late if your team has a fixed work schedule.


Be notified on who is still clocked in after hours if overtime rules have been set up.

Time clock verification

Be notified when facial recognition, PIN, verification fails. This only applies if unusual behavior is set to Flagged or Blocked in time clock restrictions.

Personal Reports

Reflect back on your day or week with email reports of your tracked time.

Your Daily Attendance Report

Get an overview of time tracked daily with:

  • Summary of your hours

  • List of all your time entries today

Your Weekly Activity Report

See what you’ve done this week with:

  • Summary of time tracked

  • Top projects & activities

Your Weekly Activity Report

Time Clock Alerts

Keep yourself in check with time tracking with email or push notification reminders so you don’t forget to clock in or out.

Reminders to clock in or out

If you are assigned to a fixed work schedule, you’ll receive reminders to clock your hours based on your day’s start & end times.

Automatic clock out

If automatic clock out has been set by your admin or on your time entry, you’ll be reminded once the time has lapsed.

Read more about setting reminders and automatic clock out.

Time Off Alerts

Head over to Your Account Settings, and choose to receive timely alerts regarding your team’s time off requests.

Managers can only be notified of time off requests made by their managed members whereas owners and admins can choose to be notified of time off requests made by all team members or only for their managed members.

Members on the other hand can receive alerts for their own time off requests, where they will be notified when any actions are made to their time off requests by an approver.

Read more about enabling time off notifications.

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