How we made GPS tracking better than Clockify

Written by Melissa Spillett

I’m Melissa Spillet, Product Manager at Jibble. With a background in Biomedical Science and a stint as a special needs teacher, I bring a diverse range of experiences to the table.

My time in the lab taught me the importance of precision and the value of digging into granular data. And my days in special needs education? They showed me just how crucial it is to understand the unique needs of every user and to make systems as intuitive as possible.

Now, at Jibble, time tracking is my bread and butter. Every day, I’m on a mission to make Jibble simpler, more accurate, and frankly, more amazing for all our users. In this article, I’ll unpack our journey with GPS tracking – why we decided to implement it, the improvements we’ve made, and how we’ve built something that’s better than Clockify’s GPS tracking feature.

Why GPS Tracking?

So, why did we decide to throw GPS tracking into the Jibble mix? Well, the world of work has extended beyond office walls, and we’re all bouncing between home, coffee shops, and maybe the occasional office. Traditional time tracking just felt…outdated. And for our customers with on-site teams or travelling workforces, knowing where employees are (and aren’t) is crucial. 

That’s where GPS tracking comes in. In our digitally connected world, staying in the loop is everything. GPS adds a personal touch, letting you see where your team is putting in the hustle and fostering a sense of unity, even if everyone’s miles apart. 

Platforms like Clockify have done a great job making time tracking accessible. Their GPS feature is definitely a step in the right direction, but it lacks the granularity and depth required for effective team management. Our goal was to build a time tracking tool that not only provides clear location data but dare we say, made the whole tracking process a delight.Geofence is checked when member clock in

Building a Better GPS Tracker

How did we actually build a GPS tracking feature? Let me take you behind the scenes of Jibble operations.

First things first, we listened to you – our customers. We dug into your pain points with GPS tracking, putting ourselves in your shoes. After all, we’re a remote team too!

Then came the research phase. I signed up for every time-tracking app under the sun – Clockify, Hubstaff, ClockShark, BuddyPunch, Timeero, Harvest – you name it. Hours of trialling, deep dives into GPS features, and noting down what worked and what lacked.

Specifications and discussions followed. We detailed every aspect of our GPS tracking feature, from setup to limitations, and ensured our focus was on making features FREE for all users. 

Armed with detailed specifications, we huddled with our developers, ironing out feasibility concerns and brainstorming even better solutions. After getting the green light from developers, our design team swooped in. Every aspect of the feature, from web app settings to mobile app visuals, got a thorough examination before it was ready for implementation.

Then, the real fun began. Tickets were created, our backend and frontend developers started building the feature, and our QA team went over everything, testing and polishing every inch.

Once they gave the thumbs up, we launched our GPS feature for all Jibblers to enjoy!

The Jibble Difference

Now, onto the good stuff: what sets Jibble apart?

1. Pricing

At Jibble, we’re committed to making sure essential features are accessible to all users. That’s why our GPS tracking is not a premium feature reserved for a select few; it’s available to everyone for FREE. With Jibble’s Free plan, you get access to essential features like location capturing during clock-ins and outs and the ability to set up two geofences.

In contrast, Clockify offers its GPS tracking feature exclusively in the Pro and Enterprise plans, both positioned at the higher end of their pricing tiers. Clockify’s Pro plan is priced at $7.99 per user/month, billed annually and their Enterprise plan is priced at $11.99 per user/month, billed annually. Crunch the numbers for a team of 100, and you’re looking at nearly $800 a month and a whopping $10,000 a year!

Now, with Jibble, you can seamlessly integrate GPS tracking for teams of any size at no additional cost. And if you need more advanced features, our Premium plan offers unlimited geofences for $2.99 per user/month annually, while the Ultimate Plan offers live location tracking for $5.99 per user/month annually – that’s $2 cheaper than Clockify’s Pro plan, and you get unlimited geofences, detailed reports, and live location tracking!

2. Geofencing

We understand how crucial it is to nail accurate time tracking, especially when your team is always on the move. That’s where Jibble steps in with geofencing, a functionality notably absent in Clockify. 

Geofences allow you to define specific geographical boundaries for your projects or work locations. With Jibble, your team tracks time precisely within these designated boundaries. This includes gentle reminders for employees to clock in or out as they enter or exit specific areas, and a heads up when someone leaves a work site while they’re on the clock. These features are great for jobs where location matters, such as construction or event management.

Now, let’s talk about Clockify. While they’ve definitely got accuracy in tracking locations, there’s a huge piece missing – geofences. Without these virtual boundaries, their GPS tracking feature isn’t necessarily complete. Sure, you can add addresses to clients, but without the ability to create boundaries around them, you’re left figuring out where your team was during work hours. Clockify’s flexibility allows users to clock in from anywhere, which, is just not going to work for many use cases or businesses.

3. Detailed reports

When it comes to understanding employee movements, detailed reports are the key. Clockify, while offering some reporting, falls short in providing the depth for location analysis. You can export time-related data, like clock-ins, clock-outs, total duration, and billable hours, but location details are a no-show in their reports. 

Unlike Clockify, Jibble doesn’t just address these report issues; it goes above and beyond. Not only do you get real-time updates with location snapshots, but you can also filter reports by location and export detailed reports on employee whereabouts, from clock-in and clock-out times to recorded locations, addresses, time zones, and even offline entries.

4. Interface

We all know it’s not just about raw data. Jibble’s interface is designed for simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Our user-friendly design lets your team effortlessly clock in and out, use GPS tracking features, and view recorded locations directly from their mobile devices – all without a complicated learning curve.

On the other hand, Clockify’s interface is decent, but it can be a bit of a click-a-thon. Some of us, including myself, have encountered a few navigation hiccups. Things like needing more clicks than necessary – starting the timer, then adding projects and tasks afterward – makes it less seamless than it could be. 


In a nutshell, while Clockify is a fantastic time tracking tool, boasting its own set of unique features, Jibble’s GPS tracking feature is a game-changer. Jibble delivers a smarter, more flexible, and data-driven location tracking experience, empowering your team to work smarter, not harder.

Take it from one of our satisfied users:

This free platform helped me fix some fundamental issues with getting attendance for my business that is project location based. It proves useful for work on the go and is so simple and straightforward to use, both as a business owner and as an employee!” (Source: G2)

Further, Jibble is a go-to for some of the most renowned players in the game, like Tesla, NHS, Pepsi, Hyundai, and Harvard University. So why not dive in and explore it for yourself? Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Jibble and experience the Jibble difference firsthand! Logos of companies using Jibble

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If you have any questions or just want to chat time tracking, hit us up! We’re always happy to help.