PayrollPanda Core: Leave Management in Jibble

Unlock Jibble's premium leave management features for FREE

As a PayrollPanda Core customer, you are eligible for a special Jibble plan that provides free access to Jibble’s leave management feature, typically available under the Premium plan.

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To be eligible for the free Jibble time off feature, PayrollPanda Core customers must STRICTLY meet one of the following criteria:

  • You signed up for PayrollPanda Core before 3rd November 2023 OR
  • Your organization was created in PayrollPanda Core due to migration from PayrollPanda to PayrollPanda Core OR
  • You are currently subscribed to PayrollPanda Core’s annual plan

Important ❗: If you cancel your PayrollPanda Core subscription or disconnect the integration between PayrollPanda Core and Jibble, your Jibble organization will lose access to the free leave management features. Other features available in the Jibble Free plan will remain accessible.

If you’d like to check your eligibility for the special discount, feel free to reach out to us via PayrollPanda’s live chat.

Using leave management features in Jibble

Approvazione richieste di permessi e ferie.

Once you have successfully integrated your PayrollPanda Core account with Jibble, you will have access to the following leave management features in Jibble:

  • Leave Requests: Members can request leave via Jibble’s web app or mobile app. For more information, check out our article on requesting and managing leave as a member.
  • Leave Approval Workflow: Admins and owners can approve, reject, or cancel leave requests. Check out our article on managing time off for more information.
  • Custom Leave Policies: Create and manage customized leave policies that fit your organization’s needs, including paid and unpaid leave types. Learn more about creating time off policies.
  • Leave Balances: All users (members, admins, and owners) can view up-to-date leave balances. Read more on leave balances.

For more information on available features, check out Jibble’s subscription plans.

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