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Looking for a FREE TMetric alternative? Join me, the CEO of Jibble, in discovering Jibble - the best TMetric alternative on the market.

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  • Asim Qureshi CEO Jibble

    Jibble: time tracking that's truly different

    I’m Asim Qureshi, CEO of Jibble and a former Vice President at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

    Listen, I didn’t leave all that behind just to build another time tracking software! Jibble is truly different, and I’m going to tell you why, in most cases, choosing TMetric over Jibble simply doesn’t add up. Let me briefly give you an overview of why your team needs to be jibbling, not TMetric-ing, and it’s not only because it rolls off the tongue way better…

  • A view of the TMetric time tracking app interface.

    Why seek TMetric alternatives?

    Explore better time tracking solutions

    TMetric is good, but it’s far from great. Their desktop app can be a bit of a maze for new users, and their mobile app is riddled with glitches and bugs. On top of that, the time tracking feature is pretty basic, with no ability to track breaks and overtime. This limitation restricts the platform’s functionality and doesn’t do much to help employers comply with break and overtime regulations.

    TMetric remains a suitable solution for basic time tracking, but if you need more robust time tracking functionalities, Jibble is your best bet.

    Dive into my honest review of TMetric to further understand its strengths and weaknesses.

  • User-friendly Jibble interface

    Why choose Jibble?

    It has everything TMetric has to offer and more

    In Jibble, we prioritize a no-fuss clock-in and out process, addressing the common challenge of employees forgetting to log their time through reminders and automation. Unlike TMetric, which only tracks regular hours, Jibble tracks breaks and overtime with utmost precision. It even notifies managers if employees are still clocked in after hours.

    We’re big on delivering a user-friendly and reliable time tracking experience, which is why Jibble is designed with a clutter-free interface that even new users will have no trouble navigating. Our software is also built on a clean architecture. That means fewer bugs and a super-fast development cycle.

    And what’s got to be Jibble’s best selling point is that we have a product team that really cares. They have been working for months, some even years, on end to deliver a product that users can truly rely on. We haven’t had a developer leave us for over a year! That’s how dedicated they are to creating nothing less than the best time tracking software in the market.

    Check out our product portal to find out more about what we released over the last couple of months and what we have planned.

    Time tracking software
  • Higher ratings across the board

    From users who have experienced Jibble's value firsthand

    Jibble excels in user satisfaction, consistently earning higher ratings across renowned software review platforms like Capterra, GetApp, G2, and the Google Play Store.

    TMetric has pretty good ratings on Capterra (4.5), G2 (4.6), and GetApp (4.5). But it only manages to earn measly ratings on the Google Play Store (3.2) and App Store (3.8). Jibble, on the other hand, outshines with even higher scores across the board: Capterra (4.8), GetApp (4.8), G2 (4.6), Google Play (4.7), and App Store (4.7). It’s a reliable and effective solution through and through!

  • Jibble displayed on mobile, web, and kiosk.

    Track time anywhere

    Jibble is on mobile, web, and your Chrome browser

    With Jibble, you’re never tied down to one device or platform. Gain real-time insights into productivity trends from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, allowing you to stay informed and make adjustments on the fly. The Jibble Chrome Extension further streamlines your experience, enabling time tracking without the need to switch tabs. But that’s not all—soon, Jibble will extend its accessibility to your desktop, introducing enhanced employee monitoring features. 

    Wherever TMetric is, Jibble is there to provide unparalleled flexibility and a seamless, multi-device, multi-platform time tracking solution tailored to your needs.

  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    Seamless leave tracking

    That's 100% FREE

    Customize leave policies, set rules, and handle various leave types with just a few clicks. Review and approve requests directly from Jibble, keeping everything organized in a centralized overview. Jibble simplifies leave management, allowing for quick actions and a hassle-free process. The best part is it’s absolutely free!

    Employee PTO tracker
  • Detailed-reporting-and-analytics

    More comprehensive reporting

    Complete with visual charts

    Our powerful reporting system lets you easily generate detailed reports on tracked time, attendance, and productivity trends. Drill down into specific parameters such as member, activity, client, project, schedule, or location to gain a deeper understanding of your company’s activities and optimize workforce management strategies. View visual charts and export reports effortlessly in CSV or XLS format for further analysis, enabling you to spot attendance trends and assess time utilization with ease.

    Time tracker with reporting and analytics
  • Clock in reminder via push notifications and email -Arabic

    Jibble reminds you when it's time to clock in and out

    TMetric doesn't

    With real-time alerts and notifications, Jibble acts like a reliable assistant, delivering instant prompts for clocking in, out, or taking breaks, all customizable to individual preferences and employee schedules. Bid farewell to missed attendance and cultivate a punctual workforce by leveraging Jibble’s smart reminders!

    Enable push notifications
  • Activity report with illustration of meeting with clock

    Better project management

    With project and activity time tracking

    Jibble lets you create custom activities and projects and assign them to your team. When they clock in for work, they’ll first need to select the project and activity they’ll be working on. This gives you a more accurate view of where those hours are going. This level of precision not only enhances project management but also contributes to informed decision-making and resource optimization.

  • Accurate time and attendance tracking in offline mode

    Reliable time tracking

    Even when you're offline

    We don’t let a bad network connection get in the way of accurate time tracking! Our offline tracking feature guarantees seamless timekeeping, regardless of your location or internet connectivity. Say goodbye to interruptions and concerns about lost data. Jibble securely stores your time entries and automatically synchronizes them to the cloud once you regain internet access.

    Offline time tracking software
  • Tracking time and attendance in mobile using facial recognition

    Cutting-edge technology

    From biometrics to geolocation

    Jibble employs cutting-edge technology with advanced facial recognition for secure clock-ins and geofencing to set attendance boundaries. Our AI-powered facial recognition simplifies time tracking, offering both convenience and robust security, preventing issues like buddy punching. 

    Additionally, geofencing restricts clock-ins to specific zones, enhancing precision and ensuring attendance only within designated areas. With these features, Jibble stands at the forefront of technology, providing secure and precise solutions for workforce management.

    Set up facial recognition
  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Wide range of integrations

    …and our list keeps growing!

    This TMetric alternative lets you seamlessly connect with your favorite tools, including Asana, ClickUp, Xero, and QuickBooks Online. You can also use Jibble’s open APIs to connect seamlessly across your existing tools and platforms. Whether you use project management software, payroll and accounting tools, calendars, or communication apps, Jibble ensures seamless synchronization of all your time-related data, contributing to a cohesive and efficient workflow.

    Time tracking integrations
  • Sync time entries automatically across all platforms

    A cost-effective time tracking solution

    That doesn't compromise on features

    Despite being a feature-rich and reliable software, Jibble does not break the bank. While TMetric’s Professional plan will cost you $5/user/month and its Business plan $7/user/month, Jibble offers a more cost-effective solution with a Premium plan at $2.49/user and an Ultimate plan at $4.99/user. All our plans include kiosk costs, delivering a comprehensive package at a cost-effective rate. Choose Jibble for a lower pricing structure that maximizes your savings without compromising on features.

    Learn more about Jibble's pricing plans
  • Display of Jibble's integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack

    Clock in within Microsoft Teams and Slack

    No need to leave your favorite messaging platform

    Tracking time has gotten even easier with Jibble’s MS Teams time tracking and Slack time tracking. Access real-time timesheets, project insights, and stay on top of your team’s actions, all within the familiar environments of MS Teams or Slack. Make use of handy command shortcuts to make the experience even more seamless.

  • Invite team members via email, SMS or links

    Ready to experience the Jibble difference?

    Migrate over to Jibble from TMetric

    Our onboarding process is quick and simple, ensuring you can transition effortlessly. Invite your team via email, SMS, or a link – it takes just a few minutes. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist if you need any help. Ready to experience hassle-free onboarding? Make the switch to Jibble today!

    Start tracking time NOW!