5 Ways Zoho is Great


Zoho offers 50+ business applications for all industries and sizes, including time tracking features like online timesheets, automated tracking, and attendance monitoring. The software streamlines employee scheduling, project tracking, and expense management, with accurate timesheets for payroll and advanced reporting for productivity analysis. If you’re interested in learning more about why Zoho stands out, read on.

1. Can set up overtime rules

So, Zoho enables businesses to set up custom overtime rules based on factors like classification, hours worked, and pay rates. I find this really handy – it streamlines compliance with labor laws, improves resource allocation, and reduces administrative burden.

Screen showing rate rules

2. IP and Geo Restrictions

What I really like is that Zoho offers IP and geo restrictions to comply with data protection laws. These restrictions limit access to certain features or prevent usage altogether based off of location. Businesses can set up restrictions for different teams and projects, ensuring data privacy and security.

Showing Zoho;s ip and geo restrictions

3. Integrations

Another thing I love is Zoho’s wide range of integrations with other popular business software and tools, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and more. These integrations allow users to seamlessly connect Zoho with their existing workflows and systems, making it easier to manage tasks and collaborate with others.

Zoho also has its own suite of apps and services, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, which can be integrated with each other for a more comprehensive business management solution.

Screen showing Zoho's list of integration

4. AI powered

Zoho has integrated AI-powered features in its software to improve productivity and efficiency. With Zoho CRM, businesses can leverage AI-generated insights and predictions to better understand customer behavior and tailor their approach to enhance customer engagement.

Plus, Zoho also offers an AI-powered email filtering system that automatically categorizes emails based on importance. Also, Zoho’s AI-powered chatbot, Zia, handles customer queries and provides assistance to users – amazing!

Scren showing Zoo's Zia analytics

 5. Security measures such as 2FA

Last but not least, Zoho takes security very seriously and implements several measures to ensure the safety and privacy of its users’ data. These measures include two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, regular security audits, and vulnerability testing. Zoho also offers role-based access controls, and compliance with various data protection laws and regulations. Additionally, Zoho provides its users with the ability to backup and restore their data, as well as options for data retention and deletion.

Visualizing Zoho's security measures


In conclusion, Zoho offers a user-friendly experience that allows teams to organize, track, and prioritize tasks with ease. The customizable options and sleek design make it simple to adapt the software to fit specific team needs. With Zoho’s real-time collaboration features like comments and mentions, team members can communicate effectively and stay on top of their work, even when working remotely. 

However, like any software, Zoho has limitations that businesses should watch out for. And I’d recommend taking a deeper look into the software’s pricing before finalizing anything.

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