5 Ways Timeular Sucks


Timeular is a time tracking and productivity management software that offers several features. However, there are a number of drawbacks to consider before using the software, including a slow and clunky mobile app, a steep learning curve, and high pricing. 

Here are five reasons why Timeular may not be the best choice for your business’ time tracking needs.

1. Slow and clunky mobile app

The biggest issue with Timeular is the slow and clunky performance of its mobile app. There are lots of delays, lags, and responsiveness issues that are quite frustrating.

Tasks such as switching between activities, editing time entries, or generating reports may take longer than desired – which is quite inconvenient while using the software on the go.

A mobile display showing Timeular's time tracking page.

2. Connectivity issues in the device

While the Timeular Tracker is a great USP of Timeular, there are many connectivity issues with the device. These connectivity issues can manifest as intermittent disconnections or difficulties in establishing a stable connection between the Timeular Tracker and the software.

Screen showing tracked time

3. Learning curve

Well, the Timeular app has a learning curve and takes some time to get used to. The app’s interface and navigation may initially feel unfamiliar, requiring users to invest time in understanding its functionalities and features.

Getting accustomed to the Timeular app involves learning how to create and manage activities, switch between them using the Timeular Tracker or the app’s interface, and explore the various options for tracking and analyzing time data. A photo displaying the Zei device belonging to a company called Timeular.

4. Unreliable time-tracking

Perhaps the biggest issue of all is Timeular’s inaccurate and inconsistent time-tracking. This manifests as missed time entries, discrepancies in recorded time, and delays in updating tracked activities. These issues lead to inaccurate time records and may require manual adjustments or corrections, resulting in additional effort and potential inaccuracies in reported time data.

A web display of Timeular.

5. Expensive

Last but not least, Timeular’s pricing is quite challenging. Not only is it expensive for individuals and freelancers, but the plan for teams is also quite highly priced with no cheaper options available. Here’s a detailed review of Timeular’s pricing, it’s worth a look.

Showing Timeular's pricing


So yes, Timeular has several issues that bring down the overall user experience, and connectivity issues in its physical device do take away from the initial charm of its uniqueness. However, while it may not be the perfect solution for every business, Timeuler does have some appealing aspects. Exploring Timeular for yourself through its trial version could reveal its overall usability for your business or you could also just read this Honest Review of Timeular where Jibble’s CEO gives his final verdict on the software.