5 Ways Timeular is Great


Timeular is an all-encompassing time tracking and productivity management software that caters to both individuals and teams. Its Timeular Tracker device allows for smooth activity switching, and the software offers customizable notifications, informative charts and reports, app integrations, and remote team management features. 

This article highlights five of Timeular’s best features that make the software great!

1. Easy to sync across multiple devices

Starting off, Timeular offers easy synchronization across multiple devices. Users can access their time tracking data from desktop, mobile, and web, and effortlessly switch between devices without losing any tracked data or experiencing interruptions. This flexibility and synchronization allows for a consistent and convenient time tracking experience, regardless of the device being used.

A display showing multiple devices that Timeular can integrate with.

2. Convenient Timeular Tracker device

Timeular’s user-friendly device called the Timeular Tracker is a unique feature of the software. This physical device enhances the time tracking experience by allowing users to effortlessly switch between different activities with a simple flip of the device’s sides. The compact and portable design of the Timeular Tracker makes it easy to carry and use anywhere, ensuring that users can track their time accurately on the go. 

A photo displaying the Zei device belonging to a company called Timeular.

3. Can edit tracked time

Timeular offers the convenience of editing tracked time, allowing users to make adjustments as needed. Whether it’s correcting a mistaken entry or making adjustments for missed breaks or interruptions, Timeular provides the flexibility to edit tracked time, giving users greater control over their time tracking data.

Screen showing edited version of tracked time

4. Insightful reports

Timeular’s insightful reports are another great feature. These comprehensive reports offer a detailed overview of time allocation, productivity patterns, and efficiency. Users can access visual charts, graphs, and data breakdowns that allow for a deep understanding of their time usage. By leveraging these reports, businesses can identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to optimize their time management strategies. 

A web display of Timeular.

5. Smooth integrations

Timeular offers integrations with over 2000 apps, including popular tools like Trello, Asana, Google Calendar, and QuickBooks. This smooth integration feature enhances the convenience and usability of Timeular, making it a versatile and efficient time tracking and productivity management solution.

A photo showing all available integrations for Timeular.


To conclude, Timeular is a powerful time-tracking software that helps businesses streamline their workflow and improve productivity. Its distinctive features such as the Timeular Tracker and easy syncing across multiple devices make it a standout option among other time tracking software. However, like any product on the market, there are some downsides to Timeular that businesses need to be aware of. Also, read 5 things you must know about Timeular’s pricing before making the final decision.

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