5 Ways Time Doctor is Great


Time Doctor stands as a comprehensive time tracking and productivity software, offering valuable tools for individuals and teams to maximize their work hours and enhance productivity. With its accurate time tracking, productivity monitoring, project and task management capabilities, and seamless integrations with popular platforms, Time Doctor presents a well-rounded solution for effective time management. 

The following article delves into the distinctive features that set Time Doctor apart from other time tracking applications, shedding light on why it is a compelling choice worth exploring. If you’re keen to discover what makes Time Doctor exceptional, read on for more insights.

1. Idle detection

Time Doctor’s idle detection feature is quite impressive. By monitoring user activity levels, the idle detection feature detects moments of inactivity based on customizable parameters like keyboard and mouse usage. Users can also customize the feature to meet individual preferences and organizational requirements. They can adjust the idle time threshold and configure the sensitivity of the detection to align with their specific needs.

Visualizing idle detection message in Time Doctor

2. The client view feature

Another valuable feature is the client view feature in Time Doctor that enables businesses and professionals to enhance transparency and communication with their clients. It provides clients with a unique login access, granting them visibility into relevant project details, progress, and time tracking information.

With the client view feature, businesses can create a dedicated portal or dashboard for each client, tailored to their specific needs. Clients can log in to this portal using their credentials and gain access to real-time updates on project status, task completion, and time spent on various activities. 

Showing client view in Time Doctor

3. Convenient editing of time

Further, Time Doctor offers a convenient and user-friendly feature for editing tracked time, providing flexibility and accuracy in managing time data. With this feature, users can easily make adjustments to their recorded work hours, ensuring accurate time tracking and precise reporting.

The time editing feature allows users to modify and correct any inaccuracies or omissions in their tracked time entries. For example, if a user forgot to start or stop the timer for a task, or if they need to account for breaks or interruptions, they can easily edit the recorded time to reflect the actual duration worked.

Visually representing the tracked time in Time Doctor

4. Timeline report presents a real-time view of employees

Time Doctor’s timeline report offers a visual representation of each employee’s activities, displaying the start and end times of tasks, breaks, and periods of inactivity. 

This report also offers a granular level of detail, allowing managers to delve into specific time segments and assess productivity during particular hours or intervals. With this information, managers can identify peak productivity times, potential distractions, and areas where improvements can be made. 

Showing report view in Time Doctor

5. Integrations with multiple payroll platforms

One more impressive thing is Time Doctor supports integrations with a variety of popular payroll platforms, allowing businesses to choose the one that best suits their needs. Whether it’s ADP, Gusto, QuickBooks, Paychex, or other payroll systems, Time Doctor offers the flexibility to connect and synchronize data seamlessly. This compatibility ensures that businesses can continue using their preferred payroll platform while benefiting from the advanced time tracking capabilities of Time Doctor.

Visualizing Time Doctor's integration


Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity software that enables individuals and teams to make the most of their work hours and boost overall productivity. With a wide array of features and functionalities, including efficient time management, task tracking, and employee monitoring, Time Doctor caters to diverse needs. However, there are some downsides to the software that need to be considered, and its pricing is also an important aspect that you can read more on here.

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