5 Ways RescueTime Sucks


RescueTime tracks device usage and provides insights into app and website time. It offers time-tracking, goal setting, reports, and alerts features, and categorizes activities into productivity levels. Nevertheless, the program has faced noteworthy challenges such as inadequate tracking options, unstructured reports, and limited integration with third-party applications.

In this article, I will highlight five reasons why RescueTime may not be the ideal solution for your needs.

1. Reliance on keyboard and mouse activity

One of the limitations with RescueTime’s tracking capabilities is that RescueTime relies on tracking keyboard and mouse activity to determine how users spend their time. However, this method does not always accurately reflect what the user is actually doing, which can lead to inaccurate time tracking data.

Showing time tracking options in RescueTime

2. Mobile app requires improvement

I would also like to point out that RescueTime’s mobile app has limited functionality compared to the desktop version, making it difficult to manage time and optimize productivity on-the-go. The user interface is outdated and can be difficult to navigate, and occasional glitches and bugs can cause inaccurate data to be recorded, frustrating users who rely on the app to stay focused.

Showing time tracking through mobile app

3. Reports are not organized enough

RescueTime’s reports are not as visually organized as I would like. They do not provide a clear picture of how time is being spent across different applications or activities. This can make it difficult for users to identify patterns or trends in their behavior and make meaningful changes.

Visual representation of RescueTime's reports

4. Limited third party integrations

Further, RescueTime is a helpful time management tool, but has limited third-party integrations. This can be frustrating for users who rely on other productivity tools, as RescueTime only integrates with a few platforms such as Trello, Asana, and Slack. This limitation may require users to explore other productivity tools or find ways to supplement RescueTime with additional integrations.

Showing RescueTime's integration with Beeminder

5. No geolocation feature

Unfortunately, RescueTime lacks a geolocation feature, which implies that the tool does not monitor the user’s physical location during their ap usage. Although this might not be a significant concern for some users, there are particular circumstances where this functionality would be valuable.

Visual representation of geolocation


RescueTime may not cater to every user’s requirements, so its worth checking if your organization’s needs align with the software’s features. Despite the cons I highlighted, RescueTime’s great features make it a popular choice for businesses. I’d say take a deeper look into my honest rundown of RescueTime’s pricing where I talk all about free plans, trial periods, and cancellation policies and then see if the software fits well. Alternatively, you can refer to our top time tracking software for 2024 to compare RescueTime with other options.

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