Insightful Pricing

May 2023

How much does it really cost to use Insightful?

Insightful is an analytics-focused software that offers time tracking, employee monitoring, and remote work management. With a 4.7 star rating on Capterra, Insightful is mainly known for its detailed activity monitoring capabilities, ranging from app and website monitoring, to productivity-centric categorizations of each activity.

This article dives deep into Insightful’s pricing models, providing valuable insights into hidden fees, adaptability, and the software’s policies regarding cancellations.

Pricing models

Insightful has four different pricing plans. Each has a stealth mode, API, optional employee login, manager login, two-factor authentication, and live support.

Employee Monitoring: For US$6.40/user/month, users get up to 30 screenshots per hour, real-time monitoring, activities tracking, time and attendance tracking with manual time entries, reports, timekeeping, and productivity tracking.

Time Tracking: For $8/user/month, users get all of the employee monitoring features along with project management and time on projects and tasks.

Automatic Time Mapping: For $12/user/month, users get the time tracking package and automated time-tracking, raw data, and on-demand screenshots.

Enterprise: For $14.40/user/month, users get all of the automatic time mapping features with unlimited screenshots and audit logs, a dedicated account manager, SLA, role-based access, and on-premise deployment.

Insightful provides a 7-day free trial of their paid plan, allowing you to test the service before committing to a subscription. 

What are the 5 things you’ve gotta watch out for with Insightful’s paid plans?

1. Does Insightful have any hidden fees?

Well, Insightful adopts a transparent pricing model that ensures no hidden fees. Subscription fees can be paid on a monthly or annual basis, with all the details clearly specified according to the chosen plan. If businesses require additional services or add-ons, they can be obtained for an extra fee, which is always disclosed upfront prior to any purchase.

2. Are Insightful’s lower priced tiers worth it?

Insightful’s lowest priced tier starts at US$6.40/user/month and includes manual time tracking, 30 screenshots/hour, and productivity tracking. While the Employee Monitoring plan does offer a good range of features, businesses who are considering Insightful because of its project management and automatic time tracking features will need to upgrade to higher plans. Businesses can access project management features at $8/user/month, but automatic time tracking and unlimited screenshots require even higher payments of $12/user/month.

Considering there’s no free plan, the best option businesses have of testing out which plan works best for them is by taking the 7-day trial.

3. Are there any long-term contracts or commitments?

Insightful operates on a subscription-based model and does not enforce long-term contracts or obligations on its users. 

4. Are Insightful’s pricing plans flexible?

Insightful offers different subscription plans tailored to various needs, including team and enterprise options. Each plan has different features that are clearly laid out on the website, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their requirements.

However, there’s only a 7-day trial period and no free version for a company to fully test the software out. So its recommended to sign up for a lower tiered plan and upgrade as needed, as well as pay on a monthly basis for the first month or two before signing up for an annual commitment.

5. Is it difficult to cancel or change a plan?

So canceling or changing a plan in Insightful is slightly tricky. You can cancel a user’s subscription at any time but their subscription would continue until the end of the current billing period. And if you’ve signed up for the annual commitment, then you can’t downgrade to a monthly plan before the end of entire annual term. So essentially, once you’ve committed to a plan on Insightful, you can’t change it until the subscription’s cycle ends. 

Is Insightful worth it?

Overall, while Insightful offers great employee monitoring features, it’s pricing is relatively higher compared to other software alternatives in the market. While a free trial period is available for all plans, it is only limited to a 7-day trial. And it should be noted that subscriptions are non-refundable, resulting in limited flexibility once committed to the software. So it’s recommended that businesses take advantage of the free trial offered by Insightful to gain a comprehensive understanding of the software’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan, as there is no option to back out once subscribed.

Additionally, if you’re seeking more information about the software, check out Insightful’s five best features that make the software stand out. There are also some downsides to Insightful that might be a dealbreaker for your company so take a look at them too before making the final decision.

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