5 Ways Insightful Sucks


Insightful is a software that offers time tracking and project management, and places a lot of emphasis on employee monitoring. However, the software has notable challenges, including the absence of a mobile app, privacy-related worries, and inconsistencies in time reporting accuracy.

This article highlights five reasons why Insightful may not be the ideal solution for your business’ needs.

1. Lack of a mobile app

Unfortunately, Insightful doesn’t have a mobile app and that’s a significant drawback for any organization in today’s digital age. Mobile applications are an integral part of tracking time, managing tasks, and collaborating with teams more flexibly.  This honestly results in missed opportunities, decreased user engagement, and limited reach.

Visual representation of no mobile app

2. Clock-in time and system time are different

Further, there is a discrepancy between the time recorded when users clock in and the actual time that shows up on the system. This discrepancy occurs due to various reasons such as incorrect system time settings, synchronization issues, or technical glitches. It can result in inaccurate attendance or time tracking records. This is a huge concern because it leads to incorrect attendance records, payroll discrepancies, and inefficient task allocation.

Visually representing the difference between system time and clock-time

3. Time reporting accuracy is inconsistent

I am quite bummed by the inconsistency in time reporting accuracy as this is a broader issue related to the accuracy and reliability of the software’s time reporting functionality. It implies that the software may have inconsistent or unreliable mechanisms for recording and reporting time-related data. This impacts different areas of organizational operations, such as tracking work hours inaccurately, calculating billable hours inconsistently, or discrepancies between reported and actual time spent on tasks.

To top it off, compliance and legal implications also arise from inconsistent time reporting. In industries where accurate time tracking is crucial for labor law compliance, organizations fail to meet documentation standards, putting them at risk of legal consequences and penalties.

Showing time and attendance sheet in Insightful

4. Inflexible pricing

A major drawback is Insightful’s inflexibility when it comes to changing or canceling plans. If a user has signed up for a plan, they can’t downgrade before the subscription term is over, and the software doesn’t offer any refunds either. The trial period is also only 7 days long, so there’s not a lot of time to test before having to make a commitment.

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Showing pricing structure of Insightful

5. Security and data privacy concerns

Another drawback is that Insightful lacks robust security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and secure data storage. This is a potential threat to the confidentiality and integrity of a business’ sensitive information. The possibility of unauthorized access to a business’ data is actually a huge concern!

Showing data and privacy security through visuals


Insightful suffers from several issues that adversely affect the user experience, particularly concerning the inconsistency in time reporting. The lack of a mobile app is also a significant drawback. However, Insightful boasts numerous impressive features that set it apart, including its robust remote team management and time tracking features, so those might be worth looking into.

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