What are the different subscription plans?

You can choose from a free plan and two different paid subscription plans with two different pricing methods

We have three subscription plans available: Free, Premium, Ultimate.

For the paid plans, they can be paid either monthly or yearly. For more information, check out the different plans we offer.

  • The free plan is great for essential time tracking and timesheets.

  • The paid plans give you access to more powerful features such as multiple work schedules, overtime rules, custom groups, advanced restrictions and a lot more.

  • Time tracking, kiosk mode, facial recognition and GPS tracking are features that will always stay free.

Go to Organization Settings > Subscription > Manage plan to check out the different plans and make changes to your subscription.

This article covers what goes into each plan:

Free plan

The Free plan is our most popular plan and comes with all core features for time tracking and timesheets:

Clocking in/out:

  • Clock in/out through the web, mobile or with a shared tablet in kiosk mode

  • Offline time tracking for mobile devices

  • NFC time tracking
  • Notifications & alerts

  • Preset time tracking policies (flexible, moderate, strict) based on your organization’s workflow

  • Verify in/out entries with facial recognition prevent buddy punching (mobile devices)

  • Automated facial recognition (recognize team members as soon as they stand in front of the camera) in kiosk mode

  • Receive notifications & alerts when there are wrong/suspicious time entries

  • Time tracking integrations

Location tracking:

  • Clock in/out with GPS locations whenever someone tracks time from their phone so you know where time was captured

  • Enable max. 2 geofences. Team members can only clock in out when they are within range of a specific GPS location

Timesheets and reports:

  • Manage your team’s timesheets with automated timesheets

  • View payroll hours for direct viewing/editing total payroll hours

Other restrictions:

  • 1 Work schedule for your team member (Find out how to manage work schedules)

  • Set up an unlimited number of holiday calendars

  • Up to 5 activities for activity tracking

  • Assign up to 1 admin in your organization

Premium plan

The Premium plan is great for teams that have multiple departments, need more location restrictions and have specific overtime rules for payroll. In Premium, you will have access to all free features, plus:

Groups & advanced permission management:

  • Create and manage groups with their own time tracking rules and permissions. Read more about all things related to managing people

  • Advanced customization of Time Tracking policies on the group level

  • Assign an unlimited number of admins and managers to your organization

  • Custom role permissions

Clocking in/out:

Location tracking:

  • Create and enable unlimited locations for geofencing

Kiosks :

  • Create unlimited kiosks with different settings or instances

Timesheets and reports:

  • Review your payroll hours with added multiple overtime calculations, add automatic deductions, custom break types

  • Export timesheets and reports for payroll processing


  • Create multiple work schedules to organize your groups based on department / job type / location / etc

  • Set up advanced overtime rules, calculations and custom breaks which will be automatically calculated into your timesheets

  • Set up time off policies with accrual settings and view leave balances of team members

Note: If you downgrade, some of your settings might be permanently deleted. Read more about how to upgrade or change your subscription plan.

Ultimate plan

The Ultimate plan is great for larger companies that need unlimited layers of management, permissions and locations or that are looking for project-based time tracking. In Ultimate you’ll have access to all Free and Premium features, plus:

Project and client tracking:

  • Create custom projects based on locations, groups to track time against

  • Set up clients for a project for better client cost management

  • Generate project and client-based reports and exports for billing and invoicing


Note: If you downgrade, some of your settings might be permanently deleted. Read more about how to upgrade or change your subscription plan.

The payment method

If you subscribe to any of our paid subscription plans you have to purchase a fixed number of seats (users).

Annual and monthly plans

When you purchase either of these plans, you purchase a fixed number of seats (users) that you have in your organization for a 1 year period.

Seats can be “filled” by user profiles. Removing a user profile will make a seat available again.

Annual plans are about 30% cheaper than monthly plans.

Read more about how your invoice is calculated.

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