5 Ways Toggl Track is Great


Toggl Track is one of three Toggl products aimed at tracking time and increasing team efficiency. The powerful software allows businesses to track, report, and calculate time spent on tasks, making it useful for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies. 

Toggl Track has several unique features that make this software one of the best time tracking solutions, 5 of which I’ll highlight in this article. So if you’re looking for a quick peek into why Toggl Track is great(!), keep reading.

1. Powerful reporting system

Not surprisingly, Toggl Track’s reporting feature is one of the most dynamic out there. It shines because of its customizations. With exportable summaries and detailed weekly reports, businesses can stay on top of their projects and ensure accurate billing.

Plus, Toggl Track enables the import of CSV files and the export of reports in XLS format. Along with the time rounding feature, the software offers customized company logos to reports, giving them a professional touch.

I also love that Toggl Track allows users to save reports for future reference and schedule them to be sent via email at designated intervals. Other customization options enhance data accuracy and accountability, such as setting required fields for time entries, limiting tag access to specific team members, and locking time entries to prevent accidental changes. 

2. Facilitates performance comparison among team members

Toggl Track offers a powerful team member comparison feature that allows businesses to analyze the time data of different team members and identify areas for improvement. By comparing the time tracked by team members, enterprises can assess their productivity, identify any discrepancies, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and workload distribution. 

Toggl Track Dashboard

3. Efficiently manage time entries

Toggl Track’s user-friendly interface provides the flexibility to add, edit, and manage time entries with ease. You can add new time entries, edit existing ones, and mark them as favorites for quick access, all while keeping track of your time accurately.

I gotta say, one of my favorite features in Toggl Track is the ability to add detailed descriptions to time entries. Additionally, Toggl Track allows businesses to view all their time entries in one place, making managing and modifying them simpler. What’s more, it allows users to set required fields for time entries, limits tag access to specific team members, and locks time entries to prevent accidental changes. 

Overview of Toggl time tracker

Toggl compared to Jibble

4. Multi-functional browser extension

Toggl Track’s browser extension is a force in itself. It enables the integration of Toggl Track with over 100 tools. Plus, the Toggl Track browser extension provides users with a simple and convenient way to track their time across various tools and platforms.

Users can seamlessly track their time across different websites and apps, without having to switch between different tabs or applications. The extension is available for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and it works with a wide range of tools such as Asana, Trello, Google Drive, Slack, and many more.

Additionally, users can set project and task details right from the extension, ensuring that all time entries are accurately categorized and recorded. Moreover, Toggl Track’s browser extension also allows users to track time offline, and the data will be automatically synced once an internet connection is established. This feature is particularly useful for users who work remotely or travel frequently.

5. Pomodoro Timer

Toggl Track’s Pomodoro Timer is all about working smart, not just hard! The Pomodoro Technique is like a secret weapon for time management, where you work on a task for a set amount of time, usually 25 minutes, followed by a short break.

But wait, there’s more! Employers can track the number of completed Pomodoros, helping them stay motivated and track their progress. In addition, Toggl’s Pomodoro Timer can integrate with its time tracking software, allowing users to seamlessly switch between Pomodoro sessions and tracking their time on different tasks.

Pomodoro Timer showing a stopwatch


To conclude, Toggl Track is a time-tracking software that is useful for anybody wishing to optimize their workflow and boost their productivity. Thanks to its sophisticated reporting and analytical abilities, organized segmentations, unique labels as well as friendly and simple user interface, the app stands out among top time tracking software and is a unique choice for users. The software’s free version is also a huge plus and you can read our honest rundown of Toggl Track’s pricing here. However, just like every product in the market, there are a number of bad things about Toggl Track that users should know before coming to a conclusion of their own.

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