Clockify Pricing

May 2023

How much does it really cost to use Clockify?

Clockify is a widely used time-tracking tool that has been available since 2017, catering to individuals and teams alike. Its intuitive interface provides a customizable experience for tracking time across various tasks, projects, and clients. Additionally, the platform’s advanced reporting features offer invaluable insights to optimize productivity and identify areas for improvement. 

The software offers 5 pricing models including a free version and paid plans starting from US$3.99/user/month. In this article, I’ll tell you all about Clockify’s pricing plans: whether they’re flexible, have hidden fees, and are truly worth the buck!

Pricing models

Clockify has 5 pricing tiers: Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Paid plans begin at US$3.99/user/month, and they scale with each tier, as seen below:

Free: With the free plan, you gain access to the standard time tracking and reporting features, as well as unlimited users in the app.

Basic: Being at US$3.99/user/month, the Basic plan has a more efficient administration with some additional customization options.

Standard: This plan is designed for small teams and costs US$5.49/user/month. Includes features such as time off, task rates, invoices, and force 2FA.

Pro: Designed for medium-large teams and costs US$7.99/user/month. Includes GPS Tracking, labor cost & profit, data region, and scheduling.

Enterprise: Designed for large teams and costs US$11.99/user/month. It enhances control and security measures. Includes single sign-on (SSO), custom subdomain, control accounts, and audit log.

What are the 5 things you’ve gotta watch out for with Clockify’s paid plans?

1. Hidden fees

Clockify offers both a free and paid version of its time-tracking software, with no hidden fees in either version.

2. Limited features on lower pricing tiers

Clockify’s paid versions do have limited features in the lower tiered plans, but rightfully so. The software’s pricing starts off with a free version that includes a comprehensive set of features, including

  •  time tracking
  •  project and client management
  • and basic reporting tools

And most of all, it offers unlimited users in the app – pretty cool!

 The paid versions obviously provide more customizations and additional functionality such as 

  • invoicing
  • time approvals
  • advanced reporting options

Clockify’s first paid version starts at just US$3.99/user/month (which is quite cheap considering there’s also a free version) and the highest tier is priced at US$11.99/user/month, which is what some software in the market charge for their most basic plan!

So overall, there’s nothing to worry about having limited features in the lower tiered plans, you can always upgrade and still not break the bank.

3. Contracts and commitments

Well, Clockify does not require users to sign any contracts or make long-term commitments. The platform operates on a subscription-based model, allowing users to choose between a free version and a paid version.

4. Inflexibility in pricing

Clockify is quite flexible when it comes to pricing. Its free version offers a decent range of features, and the paid plans are priced reasonably, so businesses can choose according to their needs and upgrade as needed. The plans are all clearly outlined on their website, and while some businesses might be looking for more flexibility and customization, that often comes at the cost of lesser transparency. 

5. Difficulty in canceling or changing plans

Users can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription at any time without any penalty or obligation. This flexibility enables users to adjust their plan based on their evolving needs, making Clockify a versatile and user-friendly option for time tracking and project management. 

If you have already been charged for a Clockify Pro subscription and then cancel it, you may be eligible for a prorated refund for the unused portion of your subscription period. However, the exact refund policy may vary depending on the payment method and the billing cycle you selected.

Is Clockify worth it?

In conclusion, Clockify’s free version provides a variety of features that can be useful for individuals, freelancers, and small teams and for businesses looking for more advanced options, the paid versions are priced at affordable rates as well. I’d say the software offers a very competitive price given its amazing features that make Clockify stand out. But when finalizing a time tracking software, price is not the only factor, which is why it’s imperative to consider Clockify’s downsides before making a decision. 

So, if you’re really thinking of giving Clockify a shot, why not check out my Honest Review: Clockify where I give my final verdict on the software.