5 Ways ATracker Sucks


ATracker is a time-tracking app that has some serious issues. From the basic reports, synchronization issues across devices, discrimination between features on iOS and Android, and complex interface, there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t be using ATracker. In this article, we’ll go through five of them.

1. Discrimination between features on iOS and Android

ATracker works a bit differently on iOS and Android, and it can be a bit confusing to figure out the variations. If you’re an iOS user, you’re in luck because you get some cool features that Android users don’t.

For instance, you can attach photos to your time entries and create custom categories and subcategories. They also have no difficulty in syncing multiple devices via Dropbox. On top of that, iOS users can quickly access recent entries through a “Today” widget. Android users don’t have any of those options and it frankly feels weak and half-baked.

It’s kind of a bummer that people who use ATracker across multiple devices feel a bit disconnected by these differences and switching platforms can be a headache for them too.

2. Lack of summary reports with notes

ATracker misses the mark when it comes to reporting. It offers only two reporting options that don’t fully meet users’ needs for analyzing their data, even on a personal level.

ATracker also doesn’t generate summary reports with notes, which means users have to put in a ton of time manually combining their data and notes for each entry. It’s easy to mess up and it’s frustrating for the users who depend on detailed and accurate reports to gauge their progress. Adding notes to task entries is only available on the Pro version.

Without summary reports, it’s tough to track how you’re doing over time or recognize patterns in your work habits.

A mobile display of ATracker's limited reporting capabilities.

3. Syncing errors for PCs and phones

The syncing system used by ATracker faces compatibility problems with both PCs and phones, leading to potential data loss or inaccuracies in time tracking. Some users have complained about how challenging it is to transfer or back up their data externally.

Moreover, users need a strong internet connection to get the syncing system to work correctly. Even then, there’s still a chance that their synced data could have gaps or inaccuracies. These definitely aren’t issues I would want in an app I rely on every day.

It’s also important to note that ATracker’s syncing feature is only available in their Premium tier. So if you need to sync data under the free plan, you’re out of luck for now.

4. Frustrating navigation

Getting to the right category on ATracker can be a drag because you have to click through so many subcategory levels. To top it off, there’s a tiny arrow icon that you have to click to see the drop-down menu. It’s even harder to read on smaller screens, which just adds to the hassle.

And if you have a bunch of subcategories to juggle, it’s overwhelming to keep switching between them. Plus, having to navigate that drop-down menu over and over again can be arduous.

For an app designed to be lightweight and straightforward, ATracker’s user interface occasionally feels cumbersome and could benefit from additional polish to improve the overall user experience.

A mobile display showing how small and inconvenient ATracker's icons and texts are.

5. Limited calendar view

Another one of the drawbacks of using ATracker is its limited calendar view. Unlike other time tracking apps that offer more flexibility in viewing task entries, ATracker only allows users to view their entries on a daily or weekly basis. This lack of versatility can be frustrating for users who prefer a more detailed or customizable calendar view.

Additionally, navigating the calendar interface in ATracker mobile app can be challenging due to its small fonts. This can strain users’ eyes and make it difficult to quickly identify and review task entries.


It’s clear that ATracker has some serious flaws, but of course, no product is perfect. There are still many things to love about ATracker, though, such as its ability to be highly customized, its accessibility on multiple devices, and its optimized reporting features. If you are still uncertain about using this software, it might be a good idea to explore other options as well. To find the one that best suits your needs, consider our verdict on the best time tracking software for 2024.

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