5 Ways ATracker is Great


ATracker is a time tracking software that offers reporting capabilities and goal-setting features that have been instrumental in helping users track their progress and stay accountable. The sleek and user-friendly design of ATracker is a testament to the dedication and hard work of its developers and the software’s cutting-edge properties are remarkable. It’s no wonder why users would choose ATracker as their time-tracking companion.

In this article, we will look at the qualities that distinguish ATracker from other time tracking applications and why you would want to use it.

1. So easy, even your grandma could use it

If it’s a no-fuss time tracker you need, ATracker is a great solution.

ATracker’s simple and intuitive design has made it easy for users to track their time, no matter their level of experience. With just a single tap, users can start tracking their time and head straight to work.

This is what sets ATracker apart: its commitment to simplicity without compromising on functionality. While other time tracking tools may overwhelm users with unnecessary features, ATracker focuses on the essentials, ensuring that you can manage your time effectively without any unnecessary distractions.

2. You can customize your heart out

ATracker promises to help users manage their time, beautifully. And they definitely delivered with their vast accessibility and customization options.

ATracker’s customization options go far beyond mere functionality, offering users a way to create a personal connection to their work and time tracking. By providing a vast array of icons, colors, and themes, ATracker empowers users to express themselves and infuse their personality into the app’s interface. 

The diversity of icons and colors not only adds visual appeal but also enhances task identification, making it easier to organize your day at a glance. Plus, the ability to customize the interface gives you a sense of ownership over the app, making it feel like a personalized productivity tool tailored just for you.

A mobile display showing the various customization options for ATracker's users.

3. From small screens to big screens!

ATracker’s multi-device accessibility is a game-changer for those who value flexibility and mobility in their work. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, or desktop web browsers, ATracker ensures that you can track your time seamlessly using your preferred device, whenever and wherever you need.

With the ability to access time tracking information from any device, users can easily stay on top of their tasks and schedules. This level of freedom can be particularly empowering for those who work remotely or who have busy and unpredictable schedules.

But ATracker’s dedication to convenience doesn’t stop there. The Apple Watch app takes things to a whole new level of convenience and accessibility. With this streamlined version of the app, users can manage their time tracking activities from their wrists, without needing to interrupt their workflow by pulling out their phone or tablet. For those in physically demanding professions, this can be a true lifesaver, allowing them to stay focused and productive while keeping their hands free for the task at hand.

A display showing many devices that ATracker can integrate itself with.

4. From procrastinator to go-getter

ATracker’s goal-setting feature is a tool that allows users to take control of their daily and weekly routines. With the ability to set precise numeric targets for their tasks and activities, users can map out their goals and track their progress with ease.

Setting goals with ATracker is straightforward. Once goals are set, users can monitor their progress with dedicated analytics.

Percentage charts provide a visual representation of time spent on tasks, indicating whether users need to allocate more time to reach their targets or if they’ve already met or exceeded them. Daily and monthly goal reports offer further insight into progress, helping users identify trends in their behavior and track changes in their habits over time.

Whether it’s completing a critical project or finishing a set number of tasks, ATracker’s goal-setting feature empowers users to achieve their ambitions and realize their full potential. 

A mobile display showing ATracker's goal setting page.

5. Report like a boss

ATracker’s reporting feature is a valuable tool for users seeking insights into their time management habits. With colorful and visually appealing reports, including pie charts, bar charts, and goal progress tracking, users can easily understand how they spend their time.

The pie chart visually represents how much time is allocated to different activities, with each “slice” representing a category or task. Tapping on a slice reveals more detailed information about the specific activities within that category, allowing users to delve deeper into their time usage.

Meanwhile, the bar chart provides insights into time usage trends across a selected period, allowing for easy comparison between days. Users can identify patterns and track their progress over time, with each column representing a day and colored segments representing specific tasks or categories.

Reports can be filtered by tags and tasks for more specific insights and exported in various formats, including CSV files for further analysis or sharing via email and social media. With options to generate reports for various timeframes, users can easily track their productivity over days, weeks, or months.

Now, while ATracker’s reporting feature is great and all, it’s important to note that it may lack some advanced analytics features desired by users seeking more detailed insights.

A mobile display showing ATracker's efficient reporting capabilities.


ATracker’s detailed goal-setting and efficient reporting features take collaboration to new heights, giving teams the tools they need to achieve their objectives and stay on top of their game. And with its easy-to-use interface and multi-device accessibility, teams can work together seamlessly, no matter where they are. But, let’s be honest, every rose has its thorn, because there are seriously bad things about ATracker that can render it a real pain for many users, such as synchronization issues and constraints on certain capabilities within particular platforms. If you’re seeking alternatives to ATracker, we recommend checking out our recommendations on the best time tracking software for 2024.

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