100% FREE US Leave Compliance Software

Ensure seamless adherence to US leave policies with Jibble's Leave Compliance Software. Simplify leave tracking, approvals, and reporting.

Leave management and approval with Jibble
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Streamline your workflow with the #1 employee time tracker

  • Time off tracking and approval for leave

    Set custom leave policies

    Ensure compliance with FMLA and state leave laws

    The Family and Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave annually. Some states like Colorado, New York, and Florida also have their own leave policies. Ensure compliance with these distinct requirements by creating custom leave policies on the Jibble app.

    Create custom time off policies
  • Paid or unpaid breaks

    Set leaves as paid or unpaid

    Take full control of your leave management

    With Jibble’s leave compliance software, you can designate leave as paid or unpaid with the clock of a button. Paid leaves that are approved will be factored into payroll calculations ensuring accurate compensation. You can also choose to exclude public holidays and non-working days from total leave duration if necessary.

  • Editing accrued leaves

    Customize leave accruals

    We've made it simple to set up how your team earns time off.

    Leave accruals can be configured to run annually, either by a specific custom date or by the date your team members officially joined your company. If needed, you can even adjust their join date to match the actual date they became part of your organization.

  • Enabling leave balance rules to carry forward joined date leave accruals

    Carry over leave

    Choose what happens to unused time off

    You can choose to carry forward a specific number of days to the next leave cycle if they are not utilized. You can also set an expiry date for these leave balances. This empowers your team to make the most of their leave entitlements while complying with your company’s policies.

  • Separate team members into different groups

    Not all employees will be eligible for certain leaves

    …assign leaves only to eligible members or groups

    When you create your leave policy, you can immediately assign it to eligible members or groups. Need to add new members to existing policies? It only takes a few clicks!

  • Leave balances with entitled, taken and balance amounts for members

    Leave insights

    All the leave data you need in one tab

    See data on accruals, leaves taken, and leave balances for each policy and team member. Employees will also be able to see all their leave data so they can plan their leaves accordingly.

  • Export files in XLS or CSV

    Export employee timesheets

    Leave details included

    Our timesheets go beyond work hours; they also include comprehensive leave details. This ensures that you maintain a complete record of your team’s attendance and time-off history in one place. Easily export timesheets per member for convenient and accurate recordkeeping.

  • Managers can approve or reject time off on the web

    Track leave on any device

    Leave management right on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!

    With Jibble, you’re never tied down to one device. Add leave days and take action on time-off requests while on the go using your iPhone or Android device. Use the web app when you’re back in the office.

  • Applying for leave with Jibble

    Seamless leave approvals

    Approve leave requests within the app

    Employees can easily send in their leave requests directly within Jibble’s leave compliance software. Review and approve these leave requests, either individually or in bulk, to save time. You can also give managers approval permissions for smooth coordination.

  • Time off alerts via email and push notification

    Stay updated on leave requests

    Enable real-time notifications on all leave actions

    With Jibble, you’ll be instantly notified when an employee submits, modifies, or cancels a leave request. Employees will also be notified of any actions taken on their leave requests.

    Enable time off notifications
  • Jibble automated timesheet feature

    More than just leave compliance…

    Track work hours, breaks taken, and even overtime

    With Jibble, you can track all work hours with precision. You can also customize break and overtime policies following state and company regulations. This ensures your time and attendance records are always accurate. Most importantly, it keeps you on the right side of break and overtime laws!

  • Customize work schedules to be fixed or flexible

    Flexible scheduling

    Set up work schedules in a snap

    With Jibble, creating flexible work schedules is a breeze. Whether your team operates on a fixed 9 a.m. – to 5 p.m. routine or thrives on a more flexible 40-hour workweek, we’ve got you covered.

  • Logos of apps Jibble integrates with

    Streamline your workflow

    Integrate Jibble with your favorite software

    From project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, and ClickUp to well-known accounting software applications like Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Deel, you have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate Jibble with a broad range of your preferred apps and services. This empowers you to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and stay organized across various aspects of your business operations.

    Learn more about Jibble's integrations
  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Fast onboarding, reliable support

    Get set up in minutes!

    Invite your employees via email, links, or even SMS – the choice is yours. Your crew will be jibbling in and out of tasks in no time. And if you ever need assistance, our customer support team is here to help 24/7.

    Get started now - it's FREE!