Pay Periods and Approvals

Set up pay periods and approve timesheets for timely payroll

With Jibble’s timesheet software, you can set up pay period time frames for employees to get paid based on their time tracked within the pay period. Managers can then use our approvals feature to approve reviewed pay period timesheets for their employees.

This article covers:

Setting up and configuring pay periods

Setting up pay periods

  1. Go to Timesheets > Approvals.

  2. Click on the Set up Pay Periods button.

  3. Choose a pay period cycle (Monthly, Twice a month, Every two weeks or Weekly) together with the respective start day and date.

  4. Click Save.

Editing existing pay periods

  1. Go to Time Tracking Settings > Approvals.

  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the pay period.

  3. If you wish to change the pay period cycle, a pop up will appear to confirm this change.

    Note: If the pay period cycle is changed, all previous pay period data will be permanently deleted.

  4. Click on “Confirm” to save the changes.

Pay period timesheet overview

Pay period timesheets

Once a pay period has been configured, each row on the Timesheets > Approvals tab will show all relevant time entries within that pay period time frame.

These pay periods have states which indicate its status. There are 3 states that a pay period can be in:

  1. IN PROGRESS: When a pay period is ongoing, the in progress status is shown. Approvers are not able to make changes since the pay period cycle hasn’t ended.

  2. OPEN: Whenever a pay period cycle has ended, the open status is shown. Approvers can now make changes and approve the pay period timesheets.

  3. APPROVED: When approvers approve a pay period timesheet, the approved status is shown. Timesheets with this status are LOCKED from any further adjustments until re-opened by the approver.

Note: Team members are able to view their own pay period timesheets but are not able to take any action to change the status of their pay period timesheets.

(Coming soon!: Members will have the ability to submit their pay period timesheets to their respective Managers).

Detailed pay period timesheets

Upon clicking on a member in the main pay period timesheet, you will see the member’s detailed pay period timesheet with a detailed breakdown. On the left sidebar, you will see the breakdown summary for the specific pay period.

There are two tab views. Each tab consists of different breakdowns.

1) Time entries tab

The daily pay period timesheet is displayed with a breakdown of time entries, tracked hours, and payroll hours.

2) Payroll breakdown tab

The breakdown of payroll hours for each day will be displayed. If you need to edit the payroll hours without editing the time entries, you can do so under the payroll breakdown tab. For any changes, you will need to provide a reason for the change.

Changes to pay period timesheets

Timesheets are always updated with new entries and/or payroll hours. If Work schedule, Holidays, Activities, Projects and Locations Settings are changed, all regular timesheets including past timesheets will be recalculated to reflect that change. If you don’t want changes made to your historical data upon updating of settings, we would advise to use our approvals feature to lock timesheets.

Approving pay period timesheets

Owners, admins, and managers are approvers for all team members in the organization. Managers will only be able to approve pay period timesheets of managed members.

To approve a member’s pay period timesheets:

  1. Go to Timesheets > Approvals.

  2. On the main timesheet view, each member’s pay period timesheets are displayed with their respective status.

  3. Click on the green tick icon on the right to approve the pay period timesheets for the member.

  4. Approvals can also be made on the detailed pay period timesheets by clicking on the green Approve button on the left sidebar.

  5. If you have approved a pay period timesheet and wish to make any edits, you can reopen the timesheet by clicking on the arrow icon on the right.