How to view payslips from PayrollPanda Core in Jibble?

Generate employee payslips via PayrollPanda Core and publish them to Jibble

Tailored to our Malaysian customers, you can now generate payslips via PayrollPanda Core and publish them over to Jibble for employees to view and download.

Before you get started, you will need to set up an account in PayrollPanda Core. Be sure the names or email addresses of your employees in PayrollPanda Core matches those in Jibble.

Important ❗: The integration with PayrollPanda Core will provide employees in Jibble with payslips generated via PayrollPanda Core, timesheet exports are not supported at the current time. If you’re using PayrollPanda and would like to export timesheets from Jibble to PayrollPanda, check out how to export your timesheets to PayrollPanda.

Prerequisites to publish payslips from PayrollPanda Core to Jibble

To publish a payslip from PayrollPanda Core to Jibble, the payroll must first be approved in PayrollPanda Core. Once payroll is approved, employers will be able to publish payslips to their employee’s Jibble accounts. 

If a payroll is unapproved or reverted in PayrollPanda Core, payslips from the employee’s Jibble account will be removed and cannot be viewed.

For more information on setting up the integration and how the integration works, check out how to integrate Jibble with PayrollPanda Core.

Viewing published payslips in Jibble

Once payslips have been published to Jibble, employees will be able to view and download their own payslips via Jibble’s web app.

  1. Log in to your Jibble account.
  2. Go to Your account settings.Accessing your account settings via the web app
  3. Under your name, role and group details on the left panel, click on View Payslip.View published payslips from PayrollPanda Core on Jibble
  4. Toggle between the arrows and select the year and month to view payslips for.Selecting year and month to view published payslipsNote: Payslips can only be viewed if it has been successfully published by your employer via PayrollPanda Core.
  5. A new window will be opened with your selected payslip.
  6. To download the payslip, click on the download arrow on the top right corner.
  7. If you wish to view payslips for another month or year, repeat the steps as mentioned above and select the respective month/year.