How do I cancel my subscription?

Learn more about how to cancel or downgrade your subscription plan

When you change from any paid plan to a free plan, it’s considered a cancellation of your paid subscription.

You can cancel your subscription in the same way that you would change your subscription. Either you select the Free plan to downgrade or you click the link that says “Cancel Premium/Ultimate”.

There will be a confirmation to confirm the downgrade.

Once confirmed, you will lose all access to the paid plan features.

Note that:

  • Unlike downgrade, cancellations will take effect immediately.

  • If you decide to switch back to the paid plan in future, you need to manually upgrade again and reconfigure your setup from start.

  • No refunds will be issued upon cancellation.

What happens when you cancel your plan and downgrade to free

Make sure that when you downgrade to the free plan, you’re aware of the following potential changes. Some settings might be lost and deleted forever.

Groups & people management

  • Only your first assigned admin role will remain. The rest will be assigned back as a normal member role (On Premium plan, it’s first assigned admin and first two assigned managers)

  • Group management will be disabled, including group activity assignment, but your existing groups will remain

  • Default organization permissions cannot be updated anymore, as well as individual permission configuration for managers and admins

Clocking in/out

  • Custom restrictions will be disabled and your time tracking restriction will be reset to your original preset

  • Group-level policies will be disabled

  • Automatic clock outs will be disabled

  • Project and client tracking is disabled

Work schedules & timesheets:

  • Only the default work schedule will remain. Any additional work schedules will be deleted.

  • No custom breaks, overtime, automatic deduction, and member assignment allowed on the work schedule.

  • All overtime calculations and automatic break deductions will be removed from timesheets.

  • Only your first 7 created activities will remain. The rest will be archived and are unable to be used or restored.

Location tracking:

  • Only your first 2 locations created will remain. The rest will be archived and are unable to be used/restored.

For more information on the limitations of each plan, read about the different subscription plans we offer.