Add or invite team members

Add or send invitations to employees to get them started on their time tracking journey

There are two ways to add users to your team:

  1. You can either invite them to log in and set up an account (with an e-mail address or phone number), or

  2. Create them immediately (without an e-mail or phone number) so they can clock in/out from an attendance kiosk (shared time clock). Learn how to setup kiosk mode.

Important ❗: On paid plans, you will be able to invite as many users as there are seats available in your account. If you do not have enough seats, you will be prompted to buy additional seats before you can invite or create other users to your team. Seats are based on an upfront payment basis, for more information, check out how my bill/invoice is calculated.

Inviting users

When you want your team members to have their own account (so they can log in through the web app or mobile app), you will need to invite them via the following options:

Invitation link allows employers to send an invitation link directly to employees. Team members can simply click on the link and sign up to their respective organization.

Inviting employees via link

Steps to send an invitation link:

  1. Go to People, and click on the “Add Members” button.

  2. Click on the “Invite by link” option.

  3. A link will be generated for you to use.

  4. Click on the “Copy” button and paste the link to the team members you’d like to invite to your organization.

  5. Have your employees click on the link and sign up to their respective accounts.

Note: As an owner/admin, you can choose to deactivate any existing link by clicking on “Generate new link”. By doing so, any existing links available will be automatically expired.

Invite via email address or phone number

Before sending invitations to your employees, ensure that you have verified your email address upon signing up to Jibble. If you haven’t done this step, invitation links will not get sent out.

  1. Go to People, and click on the “Add Members” button

  2. Click on the “Invite by email or phone number” option.Inviting employees via email or SMS
  3. Select either “Send email invite” to invite team members via email, or “Send SMS invite” to invite via SMS.
  4. Fill in your team member’s full name and e-mail/phone number.

  5. Click on the “+ Add new member” button if you need to add a new person.

  6. Click on “Save”.

  7. That’s it! Your team member has been created and he/she will receive an e-mail or SMS with a signup link.

Tip: If your employees have not accepted the invites, they will still be able clock in/out via Kiosks.

Creating / adding users without an account

If you only use an Attendance Kiosk, and you don’t need your team members to login for clock ins, you can still create your team members’ profiles without sending out an invite:

  1. Go to People and click on the “Add Members” button.

  2. Select “Don’t send invite”.

    Creating / adding users without an account

  3. Fill in your team member’s full name only and leave out their email address and phone number.

  4. Click on the “+ Add new member” button if you need to add a new person.

  5. Click on “Save”.

If you have created a member in the past without an invitation, and you now want them to have access to their own account, you can follow the steps on getting started as an owner by adding their email or phone number under their personal profiles’ to invite them.

Resending and revoking invitations

As an owner or admin in Jibble, you will be able to resend pending invitations if there were errors in the initial invitations or revoke pending invitations for team members who should no longer have access to your Jibble organization.

Note: Resending and revoking invitations are only applicable to pending invites that were sent via email or SMS. 

  1. Go to People.
  2. A pending invitations box will be displayed showing you the total number of pending invitations available.Pending invitations on web Note: If there aren’t any pending invitations in your organization, you will not see this box.
  3. Tap on “View” to view the details of each invite.
  4. Click on “Resend” to resend an invitation to your team member.
  5. Click on “Revoke” to revoke a pending invitation that has been sent to your team member.

Resend or revoke invitations on web

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