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A dashboard overview of the Jibble football attendance app.
  • Two football teams on the field, preparing to start the game.

    Greatness on the field is achieved with consistency

    And it all starts with showing up to training

    Every coach knows the importance of attendance for fostering individual player development and enhancing team performance on the field. When players consistently attend training sessions, they have the opportunity to hone their skills, improve their fitness levels, and develop a deeper understanding of tactical strategies.

    With a focus on making attendance a seamless process, Jibble lets coaches focus on what matters most: maximizing their team’s potential and achieving success on the field.

    Attendance tracker
  • No more fumbling with attendance sheets

    Tracking attendance is as quick as a tap

    Manual attendance sheets can be a real drag, they’re prone to errors too. Thankfully with Jibble, players only need to tap a button to check in. The software handles the rest.

    All attendance data is synced straight to the cloud so you can access and manage real-time attendance on any device.

  • Logging attendance with a quick face scan on mobile and kiosk.

    Amp up attendance security

    With facial recognition

    Make sure only authorized players are allowed into your team’s training sessions or facilities with facial recognition technology. Once facial recognition is enabled, players only need to do a quick face scan and they can head straight to training. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, secure!

  • Centralized gym attendance from a shared attendance kiosk.

    Centralize attendance at training facilities

    With Jibble's attendance kiosk

    Turn any mobile device into a dedicated attendance kiosk for your team. Place kiosks near training facility entry points so everyone is prompted to log their attendance the minute they walk in.

    With Jibble’s attendance kiosk, players will be able to clock in with a quick tap or a quick face scan if speed mode is enabled. You can also explore more clock-in options such as RFID or NFC tags that can be conveniently scanned via the kiosk.

    Online attendance kiosk
  • Tracking time against different wrestling activities.

    Track training activities

    Know how many hours are spent on cardio, resistance training, or tactical briefings

    From drills and scrimmages to fitness exercises and tactical sessions, we’ve got you covered. By tracking these activities, coaches can evaluate player performance, identify areas for improvement, and plan future training sessions more effectively.

  • Geofences set up around construction sites.

    Set up geofences

    Let players clock in only from authorized locations

    Geofences are like virtual boundaries you can place around your training facilities. This allows players to clock in only from authorized locations, preventing unauthorized clock-ins and ensuring that your team is always where they’re supposed to be.

    Attendance system with geofencing
  • Setting fixed and flexible schedules on the Jibble attendance management system.

    Create custom training schedules

    Keep your football training program on track

    With Jibble, you can design custom training schedules that accommodate your team’s availability and objectives. Whether you prefer three or four team sessions per week or more intensive training sessions, you have the flexibility to create a program that works for you.

    Plus, you can easily adjust schedules as needed to ensure optimal performance and player development.

  • Tracking attendance on any device using Jibble.

    Manage team attendance wherever you are

    And from any device

    Check on team progress and attendance from your office via desktop or on the field via your phone. Jibble gives you the flexibility to access the information you need right when you need it. Stay in the loop and strategize better to get those field wins

  • Attendance charts and reports which can be exported as XLS and CSV files.

    Turn attendance data into powerful insights

    Make strategic moves to optimize team performance

    Get a deeper look at training performance, analyze attendance trends through visual charts, and uncover valuable insights to optimize your team’s performance. Group data by date, member, activity, project, or client, so you can easily drill down to the information you need. 

    Attendance reporting and analytics
  • Time and location based reminders for attendance.

    Remind players when it’s time to hit the field 

    With smart reminders

    Whether it’s time for practice or game day, keep your players on track with automatic reminders. Set up reminders based on time or location, ensuring everyone knows when to show up. 

    Enable push notifications
  • Onboard with Jibble via SMS, email, or link.

    Revolutionize attendance for your winning team

    Get started in minutes

    Invite your players via email, SMS, or a quick link, and they’ll be jibbling in and out before you can say “goal!” Our step-by-step guidance ensures a seamless setup, and if you need a hand, our friendly support team is here 24/7.

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