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The time and attendance software is used by thousands of construction companies worldwide. Ensure time and attendance accuracy at every work site.

Construction time and attendance software
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  • Time and attendance management for construction. Can be used on any device.

    Focus on the success of your construction project

    Leave time and attendance management to Jibble

    Construction projects are a lot to handle and time and attendance are crucial to project success. With Jibble you can streamline your time and attendance management easily. By automating clock-ins, tracking labor hours, and generating accurate timesheets, Jibble ensures that you have real-time visibility into your workforce, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently and stay on schedule.

  • Easy way to track time and attendance in construction.

    Simplified time and attendance tracking

    Easy to set up, easier to use

    Jibble is designed for a fuss-free time and attendance tracking experience, with a clean interface that’s easy to navigate, even for new users!

    Clock in, view employee timesheets and monitor real-time attendance with a few quick taps.

    Time and attendance software
  • Tracking time on any device.

    Track time and attendance anywhere

    And on any device

    Construction work can take you places, especially if you’re working on multiple sites. Wherever work takes you, rest assured that you can take Jibble with you.

    Open Jibble on your Android or iPhone device when you’re out at construction sites. Or go on the Jibble web app or Google Chrome extension when you’re back at your laptop in the office. Seamless time and attendance tracking anytime, anywhere.

  • Clocking in via an attendance kiosk

    Turn your mobile device into a dedicated attendance kiosk

    Centralized clock-ins right on site

    No more hassle with paper timesheets or bulky time clocks. With Jibble’s mobile kiosk feature, your crew can clock in and out seamlessly using a shared phone or tablet. Set up your kiosk right at the site entry so everyone remembers to clock in/out when they enter/leave. 

    Worried about long kiosk lines? Don’t be! Enable speed mode and workers will be able to clock in seconds with a quick selfie.

    Time clock kiosk
  • The Jibble dashboard showing real-time insights into work progress and attendance.

    View attendance data in real-time

    Stay in the loop so you can make decisions on the fly

    The moment employees clock in, our system automatically syncs attendance data from the app to the cloud, so you always have an up-to-date view of your workforce. Whether you’re out on the field or back at the office, you’ll have all the information you need to monitor productivity and make quick decisions. 

  • Jibble's GPS tracking feature

    Capture GPS data along with time entries

    Live location tracking for construction

    Know where your crew is at any point in their shift, whether they’re in the office, working at the site, or en route to procure construction materials. Their GPS locations are recorded with their time entries, viewable from timesheets with just a few clicks.

    GPS tracking
  • Setting up geofences around construction sites.

    Ensure everyone is where they need to be

    Set up geofences around job site A, job site B, and so on

    Once geofences are enabled, your crew can only clock in and out from authorized locations, ensuring they’re on-site and ready to work. Whether they’re using their mobile devices or our kiosk mode, geofencing ensures accurate time tracking, preventing any unauthorized clock-ins or outs.

    Manage construction locations and geofences
  • Construction manager looking at time and attendance reports for their team.

    Get a good overview of what everyone is up to

    It’s all on Jibble’s dashboard

    No need to search far and wide. Get all the essential time and attendance information you need right from the dashboard. Check on who’s in, who’s out, what everybody’s working on, and overall time utilization all in one place.

    Manage your team on the dashboard
  • Construction time and attendance software with facial recognition

    No more buddy-punching problems

    Enable facial recognition complete with face spoofing prevention

    Have your crew do a quick face scan to clock in so you can be sure the right people are where they need to be. Secure, quick, and easy. Jibble’s facial recognition feature comes complete with face spoofing prevention so it won’t be fooled by scanning photos or videos to clock in for someone else!

    Face recognition attendance system
  • Keeping track of construction overtime using Jibble.

    Track more than just regular work hours

    Keep tabs on overtime too

    Overtime happens in construction. But tracking and managing it doesn’t have to be difficult.

    Set custom overtime rates and daily or weekly limits. Overtime pay is automatically calculated on employee timesheets so all those extra hours are accurately accounted for.

    Overtime tracker
  • Tracking time in construction sites even without the internet.

    Keep your time tracking consistent

    Even in remote construction sites or areas with poor internet connectivity

    Jibble’s offline mode ensures that your time entries are securely stored on your device and automatically synced once you’re back online. No more missing time entries.

    Offline time tracking
  • Jibble's customizable work schedules for construction time and attendance management.

    Create custom schedules

    They can be as fixed or flexible as you need them to be

    Whether you require fixed hours for site managers or flexible shifts for field crews, Jibble empowers you to create schedules that align with your team’s diverse roles and responsibilities. Easily designate work hours, breaks, and off days. You can also set up multiple schedules for different teams or project phases to ensure optimal workforce utilization and project efficiency. 

    Manage work schedules
  • Managing construction crew leaves using Jibble.

    Easily manage time off 

    And ensure your crew is never understaffed

    Set custom leave policies and leave entitlements. Review and take action on all leave requests seamlessly from anywhere and any device, keeping your team organized and projects on track. 

    Create time off policies
  • Construction manager looking at time and attendance reports for their team.

    Generate time and attendance reports

    Detailed insights within seconds

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of attendance and productivity patterns, absences, late clock-ins, and early clock-outs to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency. Export data in various formats like CSV or XLS, or seamlessly integrate it with your payroll software.

    Reporting and Analytics
  • Reminders for clocking in and out.

    Time and location-based reminders

    Always remember to clock in and out on time

    Set up reminders based on specific times or work site locations, so your crew can build a strong habit of time tracking. Plus automate clock-outs after a set number of hours so no one accidentally leaves their timer running.

    Enable push notifications
  • Construction time and attendance software onboarding

    Start laying the foundation for your team's success

    With our seamless onboarding process

    Simply hammer out invitations via email, SMS, or by sharing a link and your crew will be ready to start jibbling in and out within minutes. Our step-by-step guidance ensures a smooth setup, and if you ever need assistance, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

    Start onboarding right now!