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  • Asim Qureshi CEO Jibble

    Jibble: time tracking that's truly different

    I’m Asim Qureshi, CEO of Jibble, and a former Vice President at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse.

    Listen, I didn’t leave all that behind just to build another time tracking software! Jibble is truly different, and I’m going to tell you why in most cases, choosing Buddy Punch over Jibble simply doesn’t add up. Let me briefly give you an overview of why your team needs to be jibbling, not buddy-punching… not only because it rolls off the tongue way better (and doesn’t have an unsavory connotation), but because Jibble offers you so much more.

  • Overview of Buddy Punch time tracker

    Why seek Buddy Punch alternatives?

    Explore better time tracking solutions

    Buddy Punch is a respectable time tracking solution with a fantastic team working behind the hype, but hype can only take it so far when faced with the issues plaguing the software on the ground. 

    For a time tracking solution, any difficulty in punching in or out takes away from its reliability and efficiency. Buddy Punch users have reported that clocking in and out can be a pain sometimes, and instead of fostering a faster process, it actually adds to their burdens and frustration. Case in point: it resets when users hit “done” after taking their photos during clock-ins, and sometimes requires them to take about half a dozen more before the facial recognition kicks in and allows then to finally log in. 

    The Buddy Punch mobile apps are likewise rendered inefficient by their slowness, difficulty to navigate, and the risk of inaccurate time tracking, which happens quite often. They’re also very limited and don’t have as much power as the desktop app. 

    This inefficiency is echoed in the timecard step that requires managers to manually review and verify employee time and attendance data, which can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. And when they do find discrepancies, it can be quite difficult to correct due to complex navigation and the requirement for HR or supervisor approvals — cumbersome and unintuitive.

  • Illustration of a team making choices

    Why choose Jibble?

    It’s your best choice as the ultimate Buddy Punch alternative

    First, Jibble is free forever for unlimited users. And by free, we don’t mean just giving users the bare minimum or a foretaste to whet their appetites for the paid plans. Our free version has more than enough features for the needs of most small businesses, and our paid plans are even more powerful.

    Next, Jibble is 100% focused on time tracking, that’s why we do it so well. So if you need robust time and attendance features, visibility for your staff and their locations, highly customizable and insightful time reporting, and more functions that empower you to make the most out of every single worked minute, Jibble is your best bet.

    We’re also big on integrations. Since we’re committed to being the best at time tracking, instead of trying to do everything, we integrate with almost 50 other HR and productivity software products, so you can use the best apps for specific functions outside of our expertise. Zapier expands these functionalities by a whole lot, and we have an open API for your custom integration needs.

    Most of all, we understand that your experience matters, so we’ve made our product as straightforward to navigate as possible, and our features are built around the concept of maximum impact with minimal complications. We’ve also built Jibble on clean architecture, which means significantly fewer bugs and a super-fast development cycle. 

    These and more have earned us the trust of leading companies in many countries, and the love of tens of thousands of users who have found a reliable time tracking solution with Jibble.

    Jibble's Upgrade Plans
  • Graphic of a woman giving a high rating using five stars. Image by Freepik

    Higher ratings on review platforms

    Buddy Punch goes head-to-head with Jibbe in ratings on Capterra (4.8/5), GetApp (4.8/5), and Google Play Store (4.7/5), but highly satisfied users at Capterra (95% vs. 93%) and GetApp (100% vs. 99%) are more likely to recommend Jibble than Buddy Punch because of their positive experiences with our product. 

    Aside from that, we also made it to the Capterra Shortlist™ in the categories that matter — Time Tracking Software and Attendance Tracking Software for 2023, Time Clock Software for 2021 and 2023, and Leave Management System Software for 2022 — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as to why Jibble is a much better Buddy Punch alternative.

  • Graphic representing man saving money with wise choices

    Lower pricing structure

    Significantly bigger savings and a 100% FREE Buddy Punch Alternative

    Another reason why you should choose Jibble as your Buddy Punch Alternative is because they don’t offer a free plan — we do!

    The Jibble Free Forever Plan is jam-packed with powerful features that are sufficient for most small businesses’ needs, and allows them to track time and manage projects without spending a single cent. But if they need more power, we offer the Jibble Premium Plan at only $2.49 per user per month for enhanced time tracking with detailed reports and overtime calculations, the Jibble Ultimate Plan at only $4.99 per user per month for teams that require advanced features and limitless time tracking with project and client-based tracking, and the Jibble Enterprise Plan with custom pricing for large teams of 500 members or more with specific needs.

    On the other hand, Buddy Punch offers much higher prices beginning at $3.99 per user per month plus a $19 base fee per month for its Standard plan for time tracking purposes only, $4.99 per user per month plus a $19 base fee per month for its Pro plan for time with scheduling, $6.99 per user per month plus a $19 base fee per month for its Premium plan for real time GPS with pro features, and custom pricing for its Enterprise plan that has everything they offer. 

  • Track time on 3 devices

    Automated attendance and timesheet calculations

    ...anytime, anywhere, and on any device

    Jibble empowers businesses by automatically calculating worked hours, time off, breaks, and more by having users clock their hours using their preferred method and handling the rest of the timekeeping and calculating processes automatically. Time entries and attendance are automatically populated into timesheets, calculated for payroll, and made ready for approval. Managers and employees can review and access their time records anytime and anywhere for optimal transparency. 

    This means a whole lot of time usually spent in translating time entries into payroll is saved for the more important stuff by our Buddy Punch alternative. It’s more streamlined, ensures error-free calculations, and ultimately saves businesses precious resources that could be better spent doing work that actually matters.

  • Globe clock, link, video, date and time illustrations

    Reliable scheduling

    …that isn’t complicated by bugs and glitches

    Buddy Punch has a suite of scheduling features, but users have found them to be quite buggy. Instead of reducing admin time, these inefficiencies may actually end up adding to the burden.

    As a Buddy Punch alternative, Jibble offers a far superior scheduling system that’s designed to simplify work schedules, breaks, payroll hours, deductions, overtime, and more. It also allows businesses to adapt to dynamically changing requirements and availabilities painlessly. And because Jibble is built on clean architecture, it’s guaranteed to have significantly fewer bugs for even more reliability. 

  • Managing-staff-break-is-now-easy

    Need automated breaks?

    No problem.

    Decide how long breaks should be, or add specific break time slots with reminders. Jibble allows you to comply with state and federal break legislation with ease, helping you avoid costly and headache-inducing legal trouble down the road.

  • Leave management feature of a timesheet system for teachers.

    Seamless leave tracking

    ….and it’s 100% FREE!

    Scheduling works great, now what? Now you have to ensure that your team members are getting the time off they deserve so they can be at their best… and so your business remains compliant with state and federal leave legislations.

    Here at Jibble, we understand the importance of leave management for precise time tracking. That’s why we came up with an integral and dedicated suite of time-off management features to streamline requests and approvals. 

    Jibble’s PTO tracker is not only free but also incredibly user-friendly. Employees can apply for various leave types that managers can approve in a matter of clicks on any device. No more chasing signatures and awkward negotiations for well-deserved time off with our Buddy Punch alternative!

  • GPS tracking and facial recognition

    Next-level technology

    With facial recognition and GPS tracking

    Jibble has a powerful facial recognition system that recognizes employees’ facial features based on their profile photos and can flag potential mismatches even without admin review. This means heightened security that only allows the right people to access the system.

    Jibble also offers robust GPS tracking and geofencing features that accurately record employee location which gives managers visibility into their employees’ whereabouts while on the clock and prevents any unauthorized check-ins from outside geofenced locations. 

    Together, these Jibble features ensure that buddy punching and other forms of time theft shenanigans are prevented from the outset, saving you a lot of money in the process.

  • Offline employee gps tracking/no connection location tracking

    Offline mode

    No internet? No problem!

    Employees can clock in and out with their GPS location and face recognition and managers can track their attendance, all without an internet connection. Jibble’s cutting-edge technology automatically syncs data when the connection is restored.

  • JIbble is easily accessible via MS Teams and Slack bots. Track project time without leave MS Teams or Slack.

    Clock in within Microsoft Teams and Slack

    Something that Buddy Punch can’t do

    Here at Jibble, we understand the importance of these tools to the modern workplace, so we’ve made sure you don’t need to worry about tracking the time for tasks on these platforms.

    Time tracking in Slack and MS Teams is Jibble’s edge over Buddy Punch. We allow users to track their time directly from these workplace essentials to capture every single minute spent at work, taking your time tracking experience to the next level. Plus, this feature gives managers better visibility into who’s checked in and working on what, as well as real-time project insights and timesheets.

  • Jibble detailed timesheet

    Understand where those hours are going

    Track time across activities, projects, and clients

    With Jibble, you can track time across activities, projects, and clients with ease by allowing employees to select what task they wish to track time for right at the moment of clocking in. 

    This results in well-organized time entries that save managers a lot of admin time — no more stressing over attributing time entries to projects with this level of compartmentalization. Plus, organized time entries also make the reports more focused and truly reflective of actual time usage. This is so much easier to comprehend than using job codes only, which is another reason why you should choose Jibble as your Buddy Punch alternative.

  • Detailed-reporting-and-analytics

    Powerful reporting and analytics

    For data-driven decision-making

    Good reports are the backbone of great decisions, so having detailed data at your fingertips and customizability in your reports is of utmost importance.

    Buddy Punch has some pretty respectable reporting options and filters, but Jibble empowers businesses to dive deeper into the numbers and discover the stories behind the data with advanced reporting capabilities. 

    When you choose Jibble as a Buddy Punch alternative, you get  highly customizable insights that allow you to filter out the data you don’t need and see only the information that truly matters. But more importantly, Jibble also allows you to configure reports to fit unique analytical structure needs so you can get the information you need in a way that makes the most sense to you. 

  • jibble-csv-xls-exports-Arabic

    Export data with ease

    …in a variety of formats

    Your timesheets are in order and your reports are all on point, and now all you need is a reliable way to export them to your favorite tools (after Jibble, of course) for further processing. 

    Worry no more, because Jibble allows you to export your data in XLS or CSV, plus the open API gives you almost endless possibilities for integration.

  • Get onboarded quickly

    Experience the Jibble difference

    Choose Jibble today and discover the full extent of your potential!

    When you choose Jibble’s FREE version today, we’ll guide you through the entire process. And if you ever need assistance, our highly-dedicated world-class customer support team is just one chat away, ready to help you in your journey. We’re with you every step of the way, and we’d love to have you on board!

    Jibble is the best choice for you. Make the switch to our awesome Buddy Punch alternative today and discover the awesome things you can do with us! Invite your employees via email, a shareable link, or even SMS, and you can have your team jibbling within minutes.

    I want to start onboarding my team now!