August 2023

What’s the Cost of Using

Today we present! Your all-in-one solution for workforce management focusing on effortless time tracking, efficient scheduling, and beyond. Featuring an intuitive interface and robust functionalities, is here to revolutionize your operational efficiency and elevate employee management. This guide will provide an in-depth look at’s pricing framework, offering insights into the real expenses, diverse pricing approaches, essential factors to bear in mind, and, ultimately, determining the value of investing in

Pricing Plans provides a selection of five pricing tiers versions, including a free plan and four paid plans offered at various price points. Each tier offers distinct features, and it’s important to note that the paid plans are structured with grouped seats of a minimum of three users.

Free Plan: The Free Plan caters to individuals seeking to monitor their work and enhance productivity. It accommodates usage by a maximum of two team members and facilitates up to three boards. Additionally, it offers limitless document creation, access to over 200 templates, and the utilization of eight column types. It operates seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms.

The Basic Plan: This plan is ideal for teams in the initial stages of project management. The Basic plan consists of all the essential features of the platform. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a straightforward solution to streamline project organization and enhance team collaboration. Starting at $8 per seat per month billed annually, or $10 if monthly.

The Standard Plan: Geared toward fostering collaboration and enhancing team workflows, the Standard plan extends the capabilities of the Free and Basic tiers. This includes incorporating a calendar view, timeline, Gantt views, and guest access. Additionally, the plan offers 250 automation and integration actions each month and the option to generate a dashboard for up to five consolidated boards. This is available for $10 per seat per month on an annual billing basis or $12 per seat on a monthly billing cycle.

The Pro Plan: Tailored to accommodate intricate operations, the Pro Plan excels in streamlining workflows across multiple teams. This comprehensive plan encompasses all the functionalities of the Free, Basic, and Standard Plans. Additionally, it introduces advanced features such as time tracking, chart view, private boards, formula columns, and dependency columns. With the Pro Plan, you’ll have access to 25,000 automation actions and integration actions each month. You can also create a dashboard comprising up to ten boards for $19 per seat per month with annual billing or $24 per seat on a monthly billing cycle.

The Enterprise Plan: Catering to organizations with a demand for enterprise-grade capabilities, the Enterprise Plan presents a comprehensive array of features. In addition to encompassing the functionalities of the preceding tiers, this plan introduces advanced reporting and analytics, multi-level permissions, personalized onboarding, premium support, and the option to establish a dashboard with up to 50 boards. Furthermore, this plan encompasses enterprise-level automation and integration action quotas, ensuring robust security and governance. To obtain pricing details for this tier, you will need to contact directly.

5 Things you Need to Know About’s Pricing

1. Distinct Pricing for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)’s nonprofit pricing is designed to empower your organization’s mission. With the Nonprofit plan, not only do you receive an initial allocation of 10 free seats, but you also benefit from an incredible 70% discount on every additional seat. Choose from two specialized plans tailored for NGOs: the Nonprofit plan, which offers end-to-end management of your operations, projects, volunteers, and donors, with your first 10 seats free, or the Enterprise plan, carefully crafted to provide nonprofit organizations with enterprise-level security, control, and support, ensuring that your initiatives thrive.

2. Student Pricing Plan 

Elevate your task and project management experience to unprecedented heights with Seamlessly monitor your classes, extracurricular activities, and job applications, ensuring you maintain a constant edge.’s exclusive Student Program empowers you to meticulously plan, organize, and track your endeavors—all within a unified, visually engaging platform that promotes collaboration, even in remote learning environments. Your account comes completely cost-free throughout your university journey. 

3. Cancellations and Plan Changes 

If you’ve purchased an annual subscription within the past 30 days and find the need to discontinue your account, rest assured that you’re eligible for a prorated refund. The system will seamlessly process a refund for the unused portion of your original payment. There are easy-to-follow steps to canceling your plan, after which your refund will be automatically generated. 

Modifying your plan is a breeze, as you can adjust your plan type, add or remove users, and make changes whenever needed. It is important to note that refunds for downgrades are unavailable beyond the 30-day refund period. 

4. Payment Methods Accepted 

You will be pleased to know that accepts payments through various major credit cards, excluding debit cards. These credit cards include Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Bleue, and Union Pay. They also offer the convenience of PayPal for your subscription purchase. You should note that these payment options might be subject to changes based on your geographical location. 

Enterprise orders that meet a specified minimum fee also extend the option of settling payments through invoices. 

5.’s Monthly Seat Charges’s pricing structure reveals something interesting. The system operates on a per-seat monthly payment basis. However, an intriguing twist comes in the form of grouped plans, mandating a minimum of three seats for subscription. This means that if you want a premium plan tailored for one or two users, you will face an additional cost for an unnecessary third seat. Now, the free plan does accommodate up to two seats. However, it has certain feature limitations.

Is Worth the Investment? presents a comprehensive array of pricing plans catering to diverse needs, whether you’re a student, a nonprofit organization, or a business looking to optimize your workflows. The pricing structure encapsulates various tiers, each offering a distinct set of features to enhance project management, collaboration, and operational efficiency.

From the Free plan’s opportunity to experience the Pro plan’s benefits during a trial period to the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans, offers a spectrum of options tailored to different user requirements. The plans introduce progressively advanced functionalities, from task management to automation, integration, and security features.

The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Student Pricing Plans demonstrate’s commitment to providing tailored solutions. These specialized plans cater to specific needs and offer discounts.

So,’s price tag might make you do a double take, but hey, it’s popular for a reason, you know? For example, prides itself on an intuitive user interface that minimizes the learning curve. This means quicker adoption and better productivity. They also offer you a variety of great features, including tracking projects, managing teams, or organizing tasks. takes things a step further by offering different plans catering to different needs. For example, the basic plan isn’t too expensive, which is perfect if you are just starting out.

With that said, you first need to determine what you are looking for in the system. Next, you must look at which plan you’ll go for. Doing this will give you a better idea of how much you will be sending while using Take that estimated price and compare it to other systems with similar functionality. Your next step would be to try the free trial of the pro plan. Doing this will give you a feel of what the system is like. Think of it as a test drive. With your estimated pricing, your pro plan test drive, and comparing competitors’ features and pricing, you can now make a well-educated decision on whether the system is right for you.

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