5 Reasons Deputy is Great

July 2023

When it comes to managing your business, every second counts. That’s where Deputy steps in as your ultimate partner, streamlining operations and freeing you to focus on what truly matters – driving growth and innovation. Since its launch in 2008, Deputy has been revolutionizing how businesses handle scheduling, time tracking, and employee management. With over 320,000 businesses worldwide relying on its robust features, Deputy has proven itself as an indispensable second-in-command, empowering you to navigate the complex landscape of workforce management with ease.

In this article, we’ll delve into the five key reasons Deputy is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. From powerful scheduling to accurate time tracking and comprehensive communication, Deputy has got you covered. Let’s explore how Deputy’s innovative tools can transform your business operations and set you on the path to success.

1. Powerful Scheduling

Deputy scheduling dashboards for web and mobile showing a table of employee names and shift schedules.

Deputy has very powerful scheduling features that go beyond the ordinary to ensure that your teams are organized in minutes, and with the ease of a simple drag-and-drop. 

With Deputy, you can create schedules that will ensure your locations are always staffed with the right employees through an intuitive system that allows you to create one-time or recurring shifts filled with the right people based on employee training levels, availability, and cost, which can then be easily shared to your teams via desktop or mobile. Any changes can be shared instantly, and the request confirmation feature ensures that your staff receives all schedule updates. Should someone be unable to come to work, shifts can be easily swapped without the hassle of phone calls and multiple tedious conversations — Deputy automatically finds qualified and available staff members to whom you can offer the open shift.

Building a schedule on the user-friendly scheduling interface is easy. You could create a number of shifts for the coming week, for instance, and appoint staff according to their qualifications and availability. You can copy and paste the schedule to other weeks to save you time, tweak details as necessary, and you’re good to go. 

But to truly maximize Deputy’s potential and save you even more time and cost on scheduling, use its AI-optimized Auto-Scheduling function that uses data on availability, cost, training, spread of hours, and more. It even comes with security guardrails to ensure that your employees are working the right hours and taking the necessary breaks and leaves in compliance with your state’s legal requirements. 

Best of all, you can do all of that anywhere and on the go, on any device. Wherever you may be, you are on top of scheduling with Deputy.

2. Accurate Time Clock

Deputy Timeclock feature showing clock out or end shift action.

Aside from its powerful scheduling features, Deputy also works as an accurate time clock that captures exact hours worked as well as breaks through an easy and convenient clock-in system that allows staff to start their shifts through kiosks, on-site computers and tablets, or their own devices. 

Through the GPS stamping on mobile clock-ins and facial recognition on shared on-site kiosk tablets, you can verify that employees are clocking in at the right place and at the right time. The accuracy of the time clock also ensures that all time records are correct and up-to-date, eliminating the need for chaotic paper timesheets and thus minimizing the impact of human error. Timesheets are automatically generated after an employee clocks out, which are securely stored by Deputy for admin approval, and can be exported into a variety of payroll software with a single click.

Deputy allows you to see who is currently working, who is late, and who’s on break in real-time in a single online dashboard complete with live updates, which can work even with limited or no Internet connection for up to 24 hours. 

A crystal-clear record of legal compliance can also be made through attestation requests for late clock-ins, missed breaks, early clock-outs, working unscheduled hours, and other verification of compliance with workplace rules to ensure that you are always covered.

3. Amazing Employee Engagement

Deputy Employee Engagement Feature or ShiftPulse™ dashboards for web and mobile showing employee engagement report on the web dashboard and employee response prompt on the mobile dashboard.

Another stand-out feature of Deputy is its employee engagement. This allows you to track employee sentiments, attendance, and morale all in one place. It gives you the ability to check performance, reward excellence, and focus attention on those who need a little bit of extra help to perform better.

ShiftPulse™ lets your employees share insight about their shifts, giving you a solid grasp of how they’re doing. When they clock off, they can provide anonymous insight on how they felt and rate the experience (from happy to stressed). These reports will help managers take action to ensure that the workplace remains healthy, and that staff are happy and engaged. And as we all know, happy staff translates into better productivity.

With accurate records of how employees perform on the job — who went above and beyond what is expected and who didn’t do what they should have done — that can be seen all in one simple dashboard, Deputy can help you foster an environment of transparency, increase productivity by setting and meeting goals, and build high-performing teams that count collaboration among their greatest strengths.

4. In-Depth Reports

Deputy Reporting feature dashboard showing different varieties of reports such as Attendance Report by Employee, Attendance Report by Location, Contact Tracing Report, and Journal Usage.

Reporting is where most time clocks and employee management software fall short — they are either too simple to be used for decisive action, or too complicated and disorganized to be understood. 

With Deputy, aside from the previously-mentioned reporting capabilities on scheduling, attendance, timesheets, legal compliance, and employee engagement, you also get in-depth reports on hours worked and wage costs versus sales and profits, ensuring that your business will always run within budget. The numbers are shown in graphs that facilitate easy understanding and can be exported into Excel or any payroll system of your choice. 

Wages are also automatically calculated per shift based on individual contracts and local laws, including overtime pay. You only need to set the rates for the roles and Deputy will do the number crunching for you, saving you time and resources, so you can focus them where they’re actually needed.

Reports are the backbone of great decisions, and having reliable software that gives you the important figures in a way that you can easily work on is essential to ensure optimum productivity and maximum profit. 

5. Comprehensive Communication Channel

Deputy Communication Channels in web and mobile views. The web platform shows how a post is created, while the mobile view shows the Newsfeed with several posts from team members.

Last but definitely not least on this list is Deputy’s dedicated communication platform, where you can communicate with your teams quickly and effectively. You can say goodbye to messy email threads, multiple messaging apps, and other confusing means of messaging in favor of a singular source of information for the entire company.

With Deputy’s central communication platform, you can post on the newsfeed for the entire workforce to see, or message individual teams to share important updates, company policies, critical documents, and even videos to demonstrate procedures. This will make the daunting task of facilitating communication between departments and across locations a breeze so that the message doesn’t get lost in the medium. 

And speaking of lost messages, the confirmation feature will ensure that your staff read messages and don’t miss out on important announcements and attachments. The world moves at a fast pace, and organized communication is key to ensuring that everyone stays in the loop.


There are so many awesome functions that make Deputy a reliable second-in-command, and true to the promise of its name, it really makes time tracking, shift and employee management, reporting, and communications a walk in the park with its amazing array of tools and features, giving you the freedom to focus your energies on where they are most needed.

However, there are some seriously bad things about Deputy that users should check out before making a final decision. And while you’re here, do check out our Honest Review: Deputy where we give our final verdict on Deputy.