5 Reasons ClockShark is Great

July 2023


When we talk about sharks, we think of sleek and streamlined power zipping through the seas with fierce determination. In many ways, ClockShark is exactly that — a sleek and simple cloud-based time tracking software with powerful multi-functionality focused on saving you valuable admin time by streamlining workflow, HR, and other admin tasks so you can focus on the big fish for your business. 

Field service and construction businesses can be terribly complicated. They require you to keep a close eye on projects and crew to ensure maximum profitability and minimize costs incurred by traditional paper-based means of handling a hundred and one admin tasks that come with this type of business. You also have to be vigilant about the ever-present threat of time theft and other undesirable workplace shenanigans by unscrupulous crew. ClockShark chomps away at all those problems with its all-in-one solution that incorporates time tracking, scheduling, project management, geofencing, payroll, invoicing, and more.

Let’s take a look at five reasons that make ClockShark a great catch for your company!

1. GPS Tracking and Geofencing Features

ClockShark Geofencing feature showing the perimeter of a geofenced area and its details.

Sharks are known to be territorial and keep close watch over their favorite spots, ensuring that no one gets in or out without their knowledge. This kind of eagle-eyed vigilance is required in any field service or construction business worth its salt because the crew might be willing but the spirit is weak, and the temptation of leaving the site on company time is a very costly threat to your budget, your productivity, and ultimately, your company.

ClockShark eliminates this threat with the serious bite of its GPS functions, which allows you to hold employees accountable and promote a culture of working when needed, where needed. By raising a geofence around the job site and through GPS tracking, you can see and ensure that employees sign in and stay where they are supposed to be, and get off the clock when they exit the virtual perimeter that you’ve put up through alerts on their devices so that you only pay for hours punched in the right place.

ClockShark GPSTrak dashboard shown on a mobile phone against a domestic background

With the ClockShark GPSFence feature, the traditional burden of watching where your employees and your money goes is eliminated with a smart solution that keeps everyone in line, and on-site.

2. Facial Recognition

ClockShark Facial Recognition clock-in portal

Another awesome feature that ensures your employees are at work on-site and on time is ClockShark’s Facial Recognition system which allows individual employees to sign in with their most visible and distinctive feature — their face. 

Facial recognition is a biometric verification method that scans the user’s face and verifies their identity using unique facial landmarks, particularly the eyes. For construction businesses and similar industries, this is a genius alternative to the more common fingerprint verification system that may be thrown off by dirt, grime, and cuts that is part and parcel of the job which may obscure fingerprints and render the system useless.

ClockShark’s fast, easy, reliable, and secure Facial Recognition feature eliminates the threat of buddy punching, which is the unethical practice of signing in for co-workers not physically present at the required place and time to which tens of thousands of dollars are lost every year. With this feature, you can face projects head-on and be a hundred percent sure that the right person is signing in at the right time and in the right place.

3. Employee Scheduling

ClockShark Scheduling Dashboard showing employee names, schedules, and job details.

Hand-in-hand with ClockShark’s impressive time tracking, GPS, and facial recognition functions is its comprehensive Employee Scheduling system which ensures that the right folks always man your sites.

With traditional manual scheduling, things often become messy and the margin for error is very high, especially for operations with multiple teams and numerous employees. ClockShark addresses this pain point with its effortless scheduling feature that allows you to create organized schedules with literally just a tap, drag, and drop.

ClockShark allows you to create and reschedule shifts, assign tasks complete with relevant notes to specific employees, and see where everyone is at in one comprehensive and color-coded dashboard that makes the headache of manual and time-consuming scheduling a thing of the past.

4. Job Management

The ClockShark Job Management Dashboard and mobile app appears overlaid on top of an image of a bearded male worker wearing a brown baseball cap and light blue long-sleeved button-down shirt.

In addition to managing employee schedules, ClockShark also helps you manage the actual work being done by your staff on the ground through its Job Management feature. Streamline job management tasks with a dashboard that allows you to create specific jobs with highly-detailed particulars and stay on top of the project budget with notifications about actual hours spent on any job versus projected hours.

With ClockShark’s Job Management feature, you and your team are sure to be always up to date on the progress of any and all projects by marking stages on a list that allows you to see where you’re at in a glance. Real-time updates can also be shared among team members through a centralized place where you can quickly discuss essential developments and solve challenges together.

5. Reporting and Invoicing

The ClockShark report dashboard is shown on a mobile phone and a printed report generated by the app is shown on paper.

Creating reports and invoices take up a lot of man-hours and are prone to headache-inducing, time-consuming, and costly mistakes if done through manual or traditional means. ClockShark makes these processes easy and scot-free through its robust Reporting and Invoicing features.

ClockShark’s Reporting function features comprehensive insights that range from summarized to heavily detailed, depending on your needs. These include quick summaries, job and task reports, employee reports, financial reports, and quotes and invoices reports that give you a customized view of how your company spends time and where your money goes, so you can make better decisions to optimize productivity and profitability.

The Invoice and Quote functions ensure that you are crystal clear with your clients all the time — manage invoices from start to finish and let your clients know where their money is going through detailed invoices and quotes that accurately reflect hours and expenses that can be sent from the app directly into their email.


ClockShark packs a powerful bite that chews your time tracking, geofencing, buddy punching, scheduling, job management, reporting, and invoicing nightmares into nibble-sized tasks that can be easily achieved with minimum effort and with just a few taps. Admin tasks that used to be big and scary are rendered toothless by ClockShark’s array of helpful and intuitive features that allow you to focus on the big fish instead of the small fry.

But beware of sharks — there are some seriously bad things about ClockShark that users should check out before biting the hook and making a final decision. To help you navigate the waters better, we’ve made a list of the top time tracking software for 2023 so you can check out our recommended alternatives.

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