ClickUp Pricing

May 2023

How much does it really cost to use ClickUp?

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management and time tracking software that offers various features such as native employee time tracking, task documentation, real-time status, and productivity tracking. It’s time tracking feature simplifies the process of monitoring work hours and calculating fees, with added functionality for notes, labels, sorting, and filtering.

With over 3600+ reviews on Capterra, ClickUp is a well-known time tracking software. Since I’ve discussed all the great things about ClickUp along with why it sucks, here’s a deep dive into the software’s pricing, including 5 pricing elements you should watch out for before choosing this software. We’re really not leaving any stone unturned here at Jibble! 

Pricing models

ClickUp’s pricing includes 5 different plans: Free Forever, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise. Both the Free and Unlimited plans offer native time tracking, while the Business up to the Enterprise plans offer advanced time tracking features. Pricing plans vary from US$9/user/month to US$29/user/month, depending on the number of users in the team.

Free Forever: The free version is suitable for personal use and includes unlimited tasks, time tracking, real-time chat, and Kanban boards.

Unlimited: Priced at US$5/user/month, the unlimited plan is suitable for smaller groups. It offers everything in the free version plus reporting, ClickUp email, and unlimited storage.

Business: At US$12/user/month, the business plan is recommended for mid-sized groups. Users get everything in the unlimited plan plus advanced time tracking and many more.

Business Plus: US$19/user/month subscription for multiple teams includes all business plan benefits, custom permissions and role creation, priority support, and team-sharing functionalities.

Enterprise: This plan is for big companies, with pricing done through the sales department. Users get everything in the business plus plan plus live onboarding training, unlimited custom roles, single sign-on, enterprise API, and many more.

What are the 5 things you’ve gotta watch out for with ClickUp’s paid plans?

1. Hidden fees

At ClickUp, they won’t charge you extra for additional features. All plans include everything that’s mentioned on their pricing page, and if businesses want more, they can simply upgrade their plan. Plus, ClickUp offers free training and a plethora of educational resources online, making it a great value for businesses.

2. Limited features on lower pricing tiers

Well, ClickUp does not offer a free trial period, but it does have a Free plan with time tracking, key task management features, and automation. ClickUp’s Free pricing plan offers unlimited members and guests at no cost, for up to 5 Spaces. I think it’s amazing that the Free plan offers unlimited members for each of the 5 Spaces – a free plan that businesses would actually find useful.

However, while guests on the free plan can create and edit tasks, they can’t change their permissions.

To solve this, businesses can choose a paid plan where they’ll get a limited number of guest seats but have unlimited read-only guests. The number of guest seats you get depends on the plan you choose. 

  • The Unlimited plan gives 5 guest seats for a workspace with 1 paid user, and 2 guest seats for each additional paid user. 
  • The Business plan gives 10 guest seats for a workspace with 1 paid user, and 5 guest seats for each additional paid user. 
  • The Business Plus plan has the same number of guest seats as the Business Plan, but with custom permission options. 
  • The Enterprise plan has advanced permission options.

*Remember, guests are for external users only. If you add people from your organization as guests, you’ll be charged as paid users. 

Further, in the Free plan, some features have usage limits, such as the Gantt chart and custom field creation, and storage is limited to 100MB. While the free plan is suitable for individuals or small teams, the Unlimited plan, which removes feature limits, is only a few extra dollars per month. ClickUp’s first paid plan is also cheaper than many competitors, making it great value for money.

3. Contracts and commitments

One more benefit is ClickUp does not require any long-term contracts or commitments. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time. This provides flexibility and allows you to adjust your plan as your business needs change.

4. Inflexibility in pricing

I’ve gotta say that ClickUp’s pricing is flexible and adaptable to your business needs. The plans are designed based on the features and number of users required, and they offer options to suit different budgets. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, and they also provide discounts for nonprofits, students, educators, and startups.

5. Difficulty in canceling or changing plans

To upgrade your ClickUp pricing plan, you will need to upgrade your entire Workspace, which means all members in your Workspace will also be upgraded.

Further, to ensure maximum flexibility for their customers, ClickUp allows for easy cancellation of their plans at any time. If you decide to cancel, your current plan will continue until the end of your billing cycle, unless you opt to downgrade immediately.

Is ClickUp worth it?

In conclusion, ClickUp offers flexible pricing with a range of plans to suit different business needs and budgets. It also provides excellent value for money, with more features at a lower cost.

Additionally, ClickUp’s free plan offers features that its competitors typically charge for, including time tracking and task management for unlimited members. But for those who find the free plan limited, ClickUp offers affordable paid plans that start from US$5/user/month.

I recommend businesses to sign up for the free plan and get an idea of what the software offers, and then upgrade as necessary. And if you’re still unsure if ClickUp is the right option for your business or not, take a look at my Honest Review: ClickUp,where I give my final verdict on the software!