5 Ways ClickUp is Great


ClickUp is a project management platform designed to assist organizations in managing work, tasks, communication, and updates. It’s packed with many cool features like a built-in time tracker, task documentation, real-time status updates, productivity monitoring, and easy integrations.

In this article, we’re shining a spotlight on five standout features that make ClickUp a top-notch time tracking software. So, if you’re curious about what sets ClickUp apart, keep on reading!

1. Global timer

ClickUp’s global timer is a handy tool for tracking time spent on different tasks and projects. It lets you start and stop timers and switch between tasks seamlessly. What’s really cool about it is that it syncs data across all your devices where ClickUp is installed, whether on your computer, phone, or browser with the Chrome extension.

The global timer can also be combined with other ClickUp time tracking features like the Chrome extension time tracker and idle detection to create a complete and efficient time tracking system.

The page shows how many tasks an assigned employee is working on along their calculated tracked time.

2. Time saving automations

ClickUp’s time-saving automations are a game-changer for users looking to streamline their workflows and save valuable time. 

With over 100 automations to choose from, ClickUp takes care of tasks like status changes, assignee changes, priority adjustments, and due date reminders automatically. For example, you can set up ClickUp to send an email to your team when a project is completed or to bump up the priority of a task as its due date approaches.

These automations not only save you time and effort but also ensure precision and consistency in task execution. Plus, they help prevent bottlenecks and keep workflows running smoothly.

The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills to set up these automations. ClickUp provides pre-built templates for common tasks, and you can also customize your automations to suit your unique workflow needs.

Fair warning though, ClickUp’s automation feature could still use some work. You may encounter slow loading times and glitches as some users have reported.

ClickUp automations

3. AI assistance

ClickUp’s AI assistance is a game-changer for getting work done efficiently. This smart feature uses over a hundred well-researched tools to help users create high-quality content in record time. 

ClickUp AI can even translate and localize text, adapt the tone and creativity level to match the requirements of any copy and learn from user input to serve specific teams or organizations better. Whether you need help with campaign strategies, emails, proposals, or technical specifications, ClickUp AI has got you covered.

Accessible in various places within ClickUp, such as the toolbar, task descriptions, comments, notepad, and inbox, this AI feature is seamlessly integrated into the platform to enhance productivity wherever you are.

ClickUp AI assistance feature.

4. Idle detection

ClickUp also has an idle detection feature that I find quite useful. When enabled, the feature detects if an employee is inactive on the app for a certain amount of time and prompts them to confirm if they’re still working on the task.

What makes this feature particularly useful is its dual benefit: it ensures accurate client billing by tracking active work time and also helps monitor employee productivity. By prompting employees to confirm their activity status, ClickUp ensures that billable hours are accurately recorded, eliminating potential discrepancies.

5. Customizable views

What I find impressive is that ClickUp offers a highly customizable user interface tailored to individual users’ needs. Whether you prefer a Kanban board, Gantt chart, or calendar view, ClickUp’s customizable view offers it all.

You can also choose from different views, like the classic list view, where you can sort and organize tasks easily. Then, there’s the table view, which lays out your info neatly in columns and rows. And let’s not forget about the board view, where you can see your tasks in a cool pipeline layout that you can move around however you want.

Businesses can create custom task lists, columns, and statuses to match workflows and collaborate more efficiently within teams. The customizable view also allows for quick filtering and sorting of tasks, enabling users to find the information they need easily. 

Not just that, ClickUp lets you spice up your workspace with page views. You can collaborate on whiteboards, chat with your team, create docs and wikis, and even embed stuff from outside ClickUp for easy sharing.

A timesheet depicting each time tracked by its respectively assigned employee.


With its global timer and automations, ClickUp makes time tracking a breeze. Plus, with real-time collaboration tools and additional project management features, the software offers a comprehensive solution to businesses looking for an all-in-one employee management software. But hey, I won’t pretend ClickUp is perfect – there are several seriously bad things about ClickUp that might make you think twice about all this. And if you’re seriously considering using this software, I suggest you take a deep look into ClickUp’s pricing

If you’re still unsure if ClickUp is the perfect time tracking software for your business, why not read my Honest Review: ClickUp, where I give my final verdict on ClickUp? Hopefully, it helps you make the right decision. Cheers!