5 Ways Buddy Punch Sucks

March 2023

Buddy Punch is a cloud-based time clock platform that aims to streamline payroll processes and simplify time tracking. However, the program has encountered several significant issues such as mobile app limitations, punching out difficulties, and the challenge of correcting wrong punches. 

In this article, I will highlight five reasons why Buddy Punch may not be the ideal solution for your needs.

1. Limited mobile app

One of the limitations of Buddy Punch is that its mobile app has some restrictions compared to the desktop version. One such example is that the mobile app does not allow users to schedule time off, which limits its functionality. 

2. Faulty mobile app

Apart from limitations in the mobile app, the functionality of Buddy Punch’s mobile app isn’t that smooth either. The app commonly fails to record time accurately and is slow and unresponsive, causing lost productivity and time tracking errors. It’s also confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for new users.

3. Punching out difficulties

I’m quite bummed by the issues that show up when trying to punch in or out with Buddy Punch. The app resets itself when users hit “done” after taking pictures and then requires users to take about half a dozen or more pictures before it clocks them in. And editing time entries is also quite challenging at the beginning, along with it being difficult to correct a wrong punch in/punch out.

4. Time-card step is time consuming

Further, the time-card step in Buddy Punch is time-consuming as it involves reviewing and verifying employee time and attendance data, making necessary adjustments, and checking for errors or discrepancies. This process takes a significant amount of time depending on the size of the business and the number of employees.

5. Hard to correct the wrong punch

Well, correcting a wrong punch in Buddy Punch is a challenging and time-consuming process that requires managers to navigate to the employee’s time card and manually edit the punch. Further, the approval from a supervisor or HR representative is also necessary which delays the process.


Buddy Punch has several issues that negatively impact the user experience, mainly with its glitches and slow manual processing. However, there are many impressive features that make Buddy Punch stand out, such as its position as a market leader and inclusion on our list of top time tracking software for 2023. Considering these factors, it’s definitely worth giving Buddy Punch a try to see if it meets your needs, and you can read more about its great features here

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