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Construction worker using a timesheet software
  • User-friendly Jibble interface

    Fuss-free attendance tracking

    Worry less about attendance and focus on strategic growth

    From exploration and drilling to distribution and maintenance, working in the oil and gas industry is challenging enough. The last thing you should be worried about is attendance.

    At Jibble, we prioritize a seamless clock-in and out process, emphasizing reminders and automation so workers can easily track their attendance without hassle. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, everyone can easily navigate through Jibble’s features. No training required.

  • Tracking time on any device.

    Access real-time attendance data wherever you are

    And on any device

    Whether you’re on-site at a drilling rig, in the office, or on the move, access the Jibble app on your iPhone, Android device, laptop, or desktop computer. With seamless compatibility across multiple platforms, you can easily record time and manage your team’s attendance with flexibility and convenience.

  • Clocking in via an attendance kiosk

    Centralized attendance kiosk

    For both on-shore and off-shore oil and gas facilities

    Turn any mobile device into a shared attendance kiosk and set one up in all your facilities. Transfer them across sites whenever you need to.

    With Jibble’s centralized kiosk, your staff can easily clock in and out with a few quick taps, ensuring accurate attendance records across your entire operation.

  • A map showing employee locations as they're clocked in.

    Advanced GPS tracking

    Track worker location in real-time

    Monitor worker locations in real-time, ensuring they are where they need to be, whether on-site or off-site. Get live insights into employee whereabouts with just a click, providing you with the visibility you need to manage your workforce efficiently.

  • Setting up geofences around construction sites.

    Set up geofences around gas stations or oil rigs

    For enhanced location accuracy

    Geofencing allows you to set up virtual perimeters around work sites, ensuring that your team members can only track time within authorized locations.

    With geofencing enabled, employees are restricted from clocking in or out unless they are physically present at the designated workplace, adding an extra layer of security and accountability to attendance.

    Manage locations and geofences
  • Time and attendance data displayed on the Jibble dashboard.

    View all crew activity in one place

    No need to look further than Jibble’s dashboard

    Get a comprehensive overview of attendance data, including tracked hours and team locations right on the dashboard. Check on who’s in, who’s out, location data, and work progress.

    Jibble’s dashboard allows you to monitor essential time and attendance trends so you can stay in control of your oil and gas operations.

    Manage your team on the dashboard
  • Setting fixed and flexible schedules on the Jibble attendance management system.

    Flexible scheduling

    Schedule the right number of workers per shift, location, or job site

    Customize work schedules to match the unique needs of your teams, whether they’re operating fixed shifts or following flexible work hours. With the ability to create multiple schedules and assign them to specific locations or job sites, you can ensure optimal staffing and seamless facility operations.

    Manage work schedules
  • Facial recognition clocks ins om mobile and the Jibble attendance kiosk

    Forget about buddy punching

    Ensure attendance accuracy with facial recognition

    With Jibble, you can ensure that only authorized personnel are clocking in, whether it’s through mobile devices or shared kiosks at oil rigs or gas stations. Our advanced AI technology verifies employees’ identities with a quick selfie, providing you with peace of mind and reliable attendance data.

    Face recognition attendance system
  • Tracking attendance even without the internet.

    Reliable attendance tracking even when you’re offline

    Keep capturing attendance data from sites with no internet

    No internet? No problem. Even if you’re offline, your attendance data is securely stored on your device and automatically synced once you’re back online. 

    Plus, Jibble’s face recognition and GPS tracking functionalities also work even in offline mode, enabling secure and accurate attendance tracking without interruptions. 

    Offline attendance app
  • Visual charts and attendance data.

    Comprehensive reporting and analytics

    Drill into staff performance through attendance data

    With visual charts and customizable reports, you can analyze attendance patterns, absences, late clock-ins, and early clock-outs to make informed decisions for optimizing operations. Export time and attendance data as XLS or CSV files in a matter of seconds.

    Reporting and analytics
  • Leave requests viewed on the Jibble web app.

    Seamless time off management

    Give your crew the break they need without being understaffed

    Create custom leave policies, assign time off, and keep track of remaining leave days to ensure optimal staffing levels at all times. Review and approve time off wherever you are right on the Jibble app.

  • Web display of weekly time and attendance timesheets for easy timesheet management.

    Payroll-ready timesheets

    No more pesky manual entries

    Timesheets are updated instantly as soon as team members clock in. Jibble also lets you set custom billable rates and overtime settings so you can be sure everyone gets paid what they deserve.

  • Approving timesheets on the web app.

    Streamline timesheet approvals

    Review and approve timesheets on time, every time

    Easily configure pay periods and designate timesheet approvers to ensure timely processing. Managers, admins, and owners have the authority to review and approve timesheets, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency in payroll management. 

  • Location and time based attendance reminders.

    Don’t miss a single clock in

    With time and location-based reminders

    With our smart reminders, your team will receive prompts to clock in and out on time, keeping operations running smoothly. Customize reminders based on work schedules and locations, ensuring that employees never miss a clock-in or out, whether they’re on-site at a rig or in the field.

    Enable push notifications
  • Onboarding only takes minutes with Jibble.

    It’s time to start jibbling!

    Super fast onboarding with 24/7 support

    No time to waste in the energy sector that’s why we’ve streamlined the onboarding process for you. 

    Send out invitations via email, SMS, or share a link, and your crew will be ready to clock in and out within minutes. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless setup, and if you encounter any hiccups along the way, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance. 

    Start onboarding now - it's FREE!