Malaysian Doctors Now Eligible for Instant Locum Allowance for Weekend and Public Holidays Overtime: Health Minister

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

Doctors working on Saturdays and public holidays in public healthcare facilities in Malaysia will receive an immediate locum allowance of RM80 per hour, as announced by the Malaysian Health Minister on February, 23 and reported by The New Straits Times.


Eligible medical officers include those stationed at three clinics in Selangor. Additionally, medical officers working on these designated days have the option to claim replacement leave if they work from 9 am to 1 pm on Sundays.


The initiative follows the implementation of a pilot project to extend the operating hours of health clinics near hospitals.


The government-approved decision addresses the concerns raised earlier about doctors not being compensated for their extra hours during weekends and holidays.


To streamline the process, the payment for this allowance is assured to be prompt.


Pilot Project Background:


  • The pilot project was initiated in 2023 to extend clinic operating hours near hospitals and is currently being reviewed for the continuation of locum allowance payments by the Central Agency
  • The project, conducted from March 25 to Dec 31, aimed to address hospital congestion issues. 
  • Medical officers working on Sundays during this period were granted special approval under the pilot, allowing for locum allowance payment if directed to work locally. 
  • Pharmacists and X-ray technicians in management and professional groups also received extended locum allowances at varying rates.
  • Considering hospital congestion issues, especially in Selangor, the government, via the Special Task Force for Agency Reform, sanctioned the Health Ministry to implement the project at health clinics near hospitals. 
  • The selected clinics include Bandar Botanik Health Clinic in Klang (near Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital), Taman Ehsan Health Clinic in Gombak (Selayang Hospital), and Ampang Health Clinic in Hulu Langat (Ampang Hospital).


Additional allowances for doctors in Malaysia as per a letter obtained by FMT from the Health Ministry:


  • Critical service allowance, provided at RM750 per month.
  • Specialists receive incentives ranging from RM2,200 to RM3,100 per month.
  • Allowances for elective surgery, set at RM200 per hour for specialists and RM80 per hour for medical officers.
  • Hospital administration allowances, ranging from RM1,520 to RM2,480 per month based on grades.
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