Dominican Republic Companies to Pilot Four-Day Work Week for Six Months

Dominican Republic
Photo by Yi Wei on Unsplash

The Dominican Republic is poised for a groundbreaking move as companies gear up for a voluntary six-month trial of a four-day work week.


Set to commence in February, the initiative ensures employees maintain their current salary while reducing the standard work week from 44 to 36 hours, spanning Monday through Thursday. 


Emphasizing a focus on people, health, well-being, and sustainable productivity, Labor Minister Luis Miguel de Camps stated the initiative’s goals. 


Notable participants include Latin American telecommunications giant, Claro; power company, EGE Hainal; IMCA, a heavy equipment business and the government’s National Health Insurance agency.


A local university will analyze the results, assessing potential health impacts and the work-life balance of employees. 


Presently, companies in the Dominican Republic commonly allocate eight hours each weekday and an additional four on Saturdays, not exceeding 44 hours weekly. 

This initiative follows global trends, including the UK’s four-day workweek trial in 2023 and similar movements in the US and Chile.

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