100% FREE Employee Screenshot Monitoring

Capture real-time desktop activities with Jibble's employee screenshot monitoring tool for transparent and accurate time tracking.

Screenshot capture on Windows desktops and laptops with Jibble's desktop time tracker
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  • Windows time tracker runs in the background

    Real-time screenshot capture

    Capture employee activities instantly

    Gain immediate visibility into employee desktop activities during work hours, ensuring transparency and accuracy in time tracking. Monitoring automatically pauses during breaks and stops completely after clock-outs.

    Desktop time tracking software
  • Desktop time tracking software

    Seamless compatibility across devices

    Mac or Windows, Jibble works flawlessly

    Jibble’s seamless compatibility across MacOS  and Windows platforms ensures consistent functionality and performance, regardless of the device you use.

  • Screenshot capture on Mac desktops and laptops with Jibble's desktop time tracker

    Comprehensive multi-screen capture

    Miss nothing, multitasker or not

    Dual monitors, triple monitors? We’ve got you covered. Jibble monitors screenshots across all active screens, ensuring a comprehensive view of even the most multi-tasking team members.

  • Different settings such as flexible, moderate, strict and custom

    Find the perfect monitoring fit

    Customizable screenshot settings

    Personalize monitoring by customizing screenshot settings for your employees. You have the flexibility to enable screenshot monitoring across the board or customizing it for specific teams.

    Setting up custom time clock restrictions
  • Mac time tracker runs in the background

    Get the full picture, beyond spreadsheets

    Gain valuable productivity insights

    Analyze visual records through automatically captured screenshots to identify areas for improvement and ensure projects stay on track.

  • Lock a user to a device

    Trust starts with Jibble

    Put control back in your team's hands

    At Jibble, we respect user privacy by blurring screenshots and granting users the authority to delete them, ensuring a secure and privacy-focused screenshot monitoring environment.

  • Accurate time and attendance tracking in offline mode

    Seamless monitoring even when offline

    Work doesn't stop if the internet does

    Monitor employee screenshots even when offline and sync seamlessly when back online, ensuring uninterrupted workflow tracking and data capture.

    Offline time tracking software
  • Jibble automated timesheet feature

    Automated timesheets

    Ditch the manual data entry

    Experience immediate updates and accuracy in time tracking with automated timesheet creation, providing up-to-the-minute records of employee work hours.

    Timesheet app
  • Pie charts & bar charts to show tracked data

    Get the insights you need

    Detailed reports and analytics

    Drill down into easy-to-read reports and visual charts to analyze employee productivity, performance and attendance patterns. Use these insights for informed decision making and workflow optimization.

    Time tracker with reporting and analytics
  • Methods to invite members via email or sms

    Super easy onboarding

    Get started in minutes, not hours

    No IT headaches, no steep learning curves. Jibble’s intuitive interface makes onboarding a breeze – simply invite your team via email, SMS or by sending them a link and you’re ready to get tracking in no time.

    Get started NOW!
  • Face recognition required to successfully clock in

    Comprehensive tracking beyond screenshots

    Jibble is more than just screenshots

    Screenshots are just a piece of the puzzle. Jibble goes beyond employee screen monitoring with features like face recognition attendance, GPS time clock, and PTO tracking to give you a complete picture of your team’s activity.

    Time tracking software