Final Verdict
Clockify vs Buddy Punch

Written by Asim Qureshi
By Asim Qureshi, CEO Jibble

As a CEO of a B2B software company my team and I are constantly looking at the best B2B software to know what’s going on in the market. That means we’re often researching about and/or playing around with their products, you know, it’s part of our job. Here, I share our findings of which one is better between Clockify and Buddy Punch, letting you know the best products we’ve seen. I hope it helps you make the right decision…


In the realm of modern productivity tools, where every moment counts towards achieving efficiency, a compelling duel has emerged, attracting the attention of freelancers, project managers, and time management enthusiasts alike. This is a narrative of innovation, effectiveness, and the pursuit of optimal time utilization. Welcome to the ultimate comparison: Clockify vs. Buddy Punch.

As we embark on this informative journey, we will delve into the intricacies of these two prominent time-tracking solutions. Our exploration will encompass an in-depth analysis of their functionalities, a meticulous breakdown of their features, and the provision of insightful guidance to facilitate a well-considered decision.

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This Review Covers:

What’s the Difference Between Clockify and Buddy Punch?

In the left corner, we have Clockify, a versatile time-tracking tool designed to cater to a diverse range of users. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a project manager overseeing a team, or part of a large organization, Clockify promises to help you keep your time in check.

And in the right corner, we have Buddy Punch, a focused solution aimed at simplifying employee attendance and scheduling. With features tailored to ensure workforce accountability and streamline shift management, Buddy Punch has become a vital companion for businesses seeking operational efficiency.

What are Clockify and Buddy Punch’s Stand Out Features?


Clockify shines with its comprehensive suite of time tracking features, catering to a diverse range of users. Key features include:

  1. Customizable Time Tracking: Clockify allows you to create projects, assign tasks, and track time effortlessly. Its intuitive interface lets you record your work activities accurately.
  2. Real-Time Tracking: Clockify empowers you to monitor your work journey in real time, ensuring that you maintain an accurate record of your progress.
  3. Analytical Insights: Clockify transforms your temporal records into actionable insights, helping you identify trends, spot bottlenecks, and pave the way for enhanced efficiency.
  4. Project-Centric Approach: Clockify’s project-centric time tracking enables you to allocate time to specific tasks within projects, providing a holistic view of your time utilization.
  5. Seamless Integration: Clockify integrates seamlessly with payroll and invoicing systems, simplifying compensation calculations.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch focuses on attendance and scheduling, ensuring effective workforce management. Key features include:

  1. Simplified Clock-In/Out: Buddy Punch streamlines the process of clocking in and out, whether your team is on-site or remote, ensuring accurate attendance tracking.
  2. GPS Tracking & Geo-Fencing: Buddy Punch offers GPS tracking and geo-fencing to monitor employee movements, providing transparency and accountability.
  3. Shift Coordination: Buddy Punch excels in efficient coordination of shifts and schedules, providing a centralized platform for employees to manage their time.
  4. Transparent Performance Tracking: Buddy Punch equips you with detailed insights into employee attendance and performance, maintaining a comprehensive record of punches and shifts.
  5. Payroll Integration: Buddy Punch simplifies compensation calculations by accurately recording hours worked and integrating with payroll systems.

Quick Recap: A Snapshot of Stand-Out Features

Feature Clockify Buddy Punch
Customizable Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking
Analytical Insights
Project-Centric Approach
Seamless Integration
Simplified Clock-In/Out
GPS Tracking & Geo-Fencing
Shift Coordination
Transparent Performance Tracking
Payroll Integration

How Much Do Clockify and Buddy Punch Cost?

Understanding the pricing structures of Clockify and Buddy Punch is crucial when making an informed decision. Let’s delve into a detailed examination of their pricing plans, including associated costs:

Clockify’s Pricing Structure

  1. Free Plan: Ideal for individuals and small teams, this plan offers basic time tracking features, including unlimited users, projects, and reports.
  2. Plus Plan: Priced per user, per month, this plan adds features like time rounding, billable rates, and bulk editing. (Price: $9.99/user/month)
  3. Premium Plan: Also priced per user, per month, this plan includes all Plus Plan features and adds features like time estimates, time audit, and project templates. (Price: $29.99/user/month)
  4. Business Plan: Designed for larger teams and businesses, the Business Plan includes all Premium Plan features and adds features like time tracking reminders and priority support. (Price: $9.99/user/month)
  5. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for advanced needs, this plan offers custom features, dedicated account management, and API access. (Price: Custom)

Buddy Punch’s Pricing Structure

  1. Solo Plan: Designed for individual users, this plan includes basic time tracking and scheduling features. (Price: $5/user/month)
  2. Essentials Plan: Suited for small teams, this plan adds features like GPS tracking, paid time off tracking, and reporting. (Price: $29 + $5/user/month)
  3. Pro Plan: Catering to larger teams, this plan includes all Essentials Plan features and adds employee groups and advanced reporting. (Price: $59 + $5/user/month)
  4. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for businesses with complex needs, this plan includes all Pro Plan features and adds custom features, dedicated support, and API access. (Price: Custom)

Quick Recap: Comparing Pricing Plans

Plan Clockify Buddy Punch
Free Plan ✓ (Free)
Plus Plan ✓ ($9.99/user/month)
Premium Plan ✓ ($29.99/user/month)
Business Plan ✓ ($9.99/user/month)
Enterprise Plan ✓ (Custom)
Solo Plan ✓ ($5/user/month)
Essentials Plan ✓ ($29 + $5/user/month)
Pro Plan ✓ ($59 + $5/user/month)
Enterprise Plan ✓ (Custom)

Who are the Target Users of Clockify and Buddy Punch?

Clockify: Universal Appeal

Clockify’s versatility makes it a valuable asset for a wide range of users. Whether you’re an individual striving for personal productivity or a manager seeking to optimize team performance, Clockify adapts to your context, providing a comprehensive time-tracking experience.

Buddy Punch: Industry Focus

Buddy Punch zeroes in on industries where employee attendance and scheduling are paramount. It’s an ideal choice for businesses with distributed teams, field operations, or remote workers. By focusing on these specific needs, Buddy Punch streamlines workforce management and simplifies the challenges of time tracking.

How Do Clockify and Buddy Punch Do Time Auditing and Reporting?


Clockify boasts an intuitive interface that facilitates effortless creation of projects, task assignments, and time tracking. Its time auditing and reporting capabilities provide a wealth of insights into your temporal records. You can access detailed reports that showcase key metrics such as:

  • Time Distribution: Gain an understanding of how time is distributed across different projects, tasks, and team members.
  • Billable Hours: Track billable hours to ensure accurate client billing and project profitability assessment.
  • Time Trends: Identify patterns and trends in your time usage over days, weeks, or months.
  • Task Performance: Analyze individual and team performance by reviewing time spent on specific tasks.
  • Export Functionality: Clockify allows you to export reports in various formats, such as CSV or PDF, facilitating data analysis and sharing with stakeholders.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch offers a comprehensive view of employee attendance and performance through its reporting capabilities. You’ll have access to key data points, including:

  • Punch and Shift Records: Monitor employee clock-ins and clock-outs, along with shift details.
  • Absence Tracking: Keep track of paid time off, sick leave, and other types of absences.
  • Overtime Analysis: Identify instances of overtime and ensure compliance with labor regulations.
  • Location Tracking: Utilize GPS data to review the locations where employees have punched in or out.
  • Export Options: Buddy Punch enables you to export reports for further analysis or integration with payroll systems. Reports can typically be exported in formats like CSV.

Quick Recap: Comparing Time Auditing and Reporting

Feature Clockify Buddy Punch
Time Auditing & Reporting Technical Reporting Comprehensive Attendance
Performance Tracking

How Do Clockify and Buddy Punch Do Scheduling and Project Management?


Clockify adopts a project-centric approach to time tracking, allowing you to allocate time to specific tasks within projects. This method offers a holistic view of how your time is spent, making it a valuable tool for managing and optimizing project timelines.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch’s strength lies in its efficient coordination of shifts and schedules. It simplifies workforce management by providing a centralized platform for employees to clock in and out, ensuring smooth coordination across various shifts and locations.

Do Clockify and Buddy Punch have Employee Monitoring?


Clockify offers a balanced approach to employee monitoring, focusing on project progress rather than individual activities. This approach allows managers to maintain visibility into project timelines without encroaching on personal workflows. Clockify’s employee monitoring features include:

  • Project Progress Monitoring: Clockify enables managers to track the progress of projects and tasks, ensuring that work stays on track and deadlines are met.
  • Customizable Tracking: You can assign tasks to team members and monitor their time spent on each task, providing insights into individual and team performance.
  • GPS Tracking: In addition to its project-focused monitoring, Clockify also offers GPS tracking features to track the location of employees. This can be particularly useful for businesses with mobile or remote teams.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch takes a more vigilant approach to employee monitoring, utilizing GPS tracking and geo-fencing to ensure accurate tracking of employee movements. This level of oversight is especially valuable for businesses where tracking physical presence is crucial. Key features of Buddy Punch’s employee monitoring include:

  • GPS Tracking: Buddy Punch utilizes GPS technology to monitor the physical location of employees when they clock in and out.
  • Geo-Fencing: Geo-fencing allows you to set geographical boundaries, ensuring that employees can only clock in or out from approved locations.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: In addition to location-based monitoring, Buddy Punch provides detailed insights into employee attendance, shifts, and patterns.

Quick Recap: Comparing Employee Monitoring

Feature Clockify Buddy Punch
Employee Monitoring Balanced Oversight Vigilant GPS Tracking
Project Progress, Custom and Geo-Fencing
Tracking, GPS Comprehensive Attendance
and Performance Tracking

How Do Clockify and Buddy Punch handle Payroll and Invoicing?

Integrating your time tracking system with payroll and invoicing processes is crucial for accurate compensation and efficient financial management. Let’s explore how Clockify and Buddy Punch approach payroll and invoicing, along with their integration options:


Clockify offers seamless integration with payroll and invoicing systems, streamlining the process of translating tracked time into compensation. Notable integration options include:

  • QuickBooks: Clockify seamlessly connects with QuickBooks, enabling you to export time entries for easy payroll processing and invoice creation.
  • Trello: Integrate Clockify with Trello to sync time tracking data with your project management workflow.
  • Asana: Clockify’s Asana integration facilitates the transfer of time data for efficient project tracking and billing.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch simplifies the compensation process by accurately recording hours worked and integrating with payroll systems. Integration options include:

  • QuickBooks: Buddy Punch seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks, ensuring that time data flows seamlessly into your payroll process.
  • ADP: Integrate Buddy Punch with ADP to streamline payroll management and ensure accurate compensation.
  • Excel and CSV: Export time data from Buddy Punch in Excel or CSV format for easy processing and analysis.

Quick Recap: Comparing Payroll and Invoicing Integrations

Integration Clockify Buddy Punch

Are Clockify and Buddy Punch’s user interfaces easy?


Clockify’s interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive layout and straightforward navigation make it easy for users to adopt the platform and start tracking time without a steep learning curve.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch also prioritizes user experience, providing a platform that is easy to understand and navigate. Its user-friendly design ensures that employees can clock in and out with minimal effort, enhancing overall workforce satisfaction.

So, Which One is Better: Clockify or Buddy Punch?

Though it was a close fight, I gotta say that when it comes to the battle between Clockify and Buddy Punch, Clockify emerges as the definitive champion.

While Buddy Punch offers valuable strengths in attendance tracking and workforce management, Clockify’s prowess in enhancing productivity and project efficiency tips the scales in its favor.

Clockify excels in its versatility, project management capabilities, and analytical depth, making it the optimal choice for those seeking comprehensive time tracking and efficient project management.

On the other hand, Buddy Punch’s specialized focus on attendance tracking, GPS monitoring, and workforce coordination caters to industries where these features are paramount.

The final verdict ultimately rests on your organizational needs and priorities. Consider the specific challenges you face, the nature of your operations, and the goals you aim to achieve. By aligning your decision with these factors, you can confidently select the tool that best fits your requirements.